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Make it Meta | Harpie Lady Sisters Don't Like Being Blocked.

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Hello and welcome, everybody! It's time once again for Make it Meta and we have quite the challenge ahead of us, today. We recently looked over the Harpie Lady Sisters and now it's time for us to build a team around them to the best of our ability. They're not going to make waves at Worlds like say, Dragons, but we'll still be able to put together a semi-competitive team that should be fun to bring to our FLGS.

First things, first, we have to pick out a version of Harpie Lady Sisters to bring onto our team. Each of the three are built around manipulating blockers, but they do so in distinct ways. Whether they're limiting your opponent's options, forcing them into bad decisions, or damaging them for how they declare blockers, it's all fairly effective, so lets look at what we have to work with:

  • Minimum of 2 blockers
  • Damages your opponent for a single blocker
  • Damages you opponent for each non-blocker

Out of these, the final and rarest Harpie Lady Sisters holds the most damage potential, allowing us to do 13+ with relative ease if we have the right setup, so that's what we'll be going with. The common is a less effective version of Frost Giant for just slightly cheaper and the uncommon's effect is very hard to leverage since a single extra sidekick foils a maximum of 2 damage. Accordingly, we're going to want to build a team around preventing your opponent's blockers and going for a death swing with Harpy Lady Sisters as our finisher.

Since we're going to be going for a single death swing, we need a way to prevent out opponent from blocking. We could use the timeless classic Relentless, but that'd take a mask energy for every blocker, clearly that's not enough. To support that, we'll being Pick Your Battles. This is going to make it impossible to block Harpie Lady Sister by anything other than fists, narrowing down our Relentless targets to less than a quarter of the original blockers. With that as our base, we're going to have a very effective win condition that's largely unaffected by most forms of protection as Pick Your Battles is completely untargeted. Since we're going with Pick Your Battles, we'll want a powerful followup character. Who better to fit that niche than Injection Fairy Lily - Forced Injection, with her massive damage for such a cheap price. Altogether, we can end the game as soon as we have these characters together.


With our win condition all settled, we have to come up with a way to get to that point. Harpie Lady Sister needs a bit of energy to work up to, so we'll need a form of ramp. Since we're already manipulating our opponent's field, we may as well go full hog with that and bring the fantastic combo of Beast - Mutate #666 and Toad - Tongue Lashing. This is going to give us a lot of dice to play around with and make sure that we have cheap masks for our own Relentless and should our opponent bring PXG. Beyond that, this works as a form of removal, keeping our opponent from keeping their key characters fielded. Since we have Relentless, we may need a few more blockers, so we'll be including Zombie - Lesser Undead and Elf Wizard - Greater Order of the Gauntlet. Not only will this get us our Pick Your Battles cheaper, but it gives us several cheap and easy to keep fielded blockers who will give us bonuses as they block.


We nearly have the full makings of a team with removal, ramp, and a win condition. All that's left is to fill our last two slots with some protection and anything else we might need. Human Paladin isn't really an option since he'd allow our opponent to mitigate our Harpie damage, so our best bet is Ring of Magnetism. However, we're going to be skipping over the Lord of D. that would normally accompany RoM for Red Dragon instead. Ring of Magnetism is actually fantastic on its own and while Lord of D. allows it to put your opponent in a lock, sometimes it's better to force your opponent to waste resources to take down your protection instead of shutting them out. Additionally, Red Dragon is going to allow us to get the action dice we need for even cheaper and lower the damage we need to deal for our win condition.

Full Build

Altogether, this team is about stalling your opponent until you can use Pick Your Battles to swarm across the field with your heavy characters. Relentless is there to make sure that you don't get foiled by a few fist characters and you have a bunch of blockers all your own to make sure that you don't fall prey to your opponent's aggression. There's a bit of extra damage and cost mitigation in there to help get things done and Toad is going to be providing the bulk of your removal. It's wise to focus on not knocking every attacking character out since you want to be forcing your opponent into having a bunch of non-blocking characters by the time Pick Your Battles comes out. Instead keep weenie blocking in order to boost your ramp with knockouts and Beast prep and you should reach your heavy purchases in no time.

If you have and suggestions on how to improve this team or make it better, I'd love to hear about that. No team is ever perfect, but I think this one has a very fun gimmick that's going to catch a lot of opponents by surprise and give you an edge due to their lack of practice.
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  1. RJRETRO's Avatar
    You can put me down as someone who is a fan of HLS. Drew them in my "Random Tier" match with Shadowmeld, and had a blast.