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Dice Masters on a Budget: Team 2 - Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight

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In the last article I wrote I tried to transform a high dollar team to be a $10 team that employed the same basic principals of its expensive brother. If you played with that team you probably found out it can be quite fun and competitive, all while saving some cash along the way. While that concept was death by a thousand cuts, today I want to make a $10 budget team that is more akin to bringing a gun to a knife fight… Let me introduce you to our bazooka.

As @Shadowmeld pointed out in an earlier article, this guy is plain fantastic as a win condition. There were many thoughts going through my head on the best way to use him however; between giving him overcrush, just attacking and leaving a bad choice for my opponent, or forcing blockers one option seemed more fun than the rest. As he states, when blocked but not knocked out he deals his FULL damage to your opponent… FULL DAMAGE! We need to make sure our opponent blocks him, and make sure he doesn’t get knocked out in the process. It wouldn’t hurt to pump him up to hit for about 20 in the process…;3062-1;

We need fists, lots of fists… and ramp, and churn… so lets breakdown the team roster slot by slot.


Long live the distraction games! Early game you can use this as a solid form of control and defense. Late game this assures you get your kill shot through… by pulling your character back and dealing incredible amounts of damage to your opponent.

Fists, we need them, we have them, and we are going to use them! After forcing the block with a fist we can pump up our blocked character to ungodly heights using this 2 for 1 global that’s being used in a very mean way…

Who doesn’t love the Kobolds? Seeing as our primary win condition revolves around fists, we need to purchase a lot of them, and make sure they move through the bag easily and quickly. Kobold does that in spades, accelerating your ramp and churn all while giving you incredible potential for energy, especially if you can rid your bag of sidekicks.

Let’s get him out of the way, yes he’s here again… and yes he is useful still even with the kobolds running around rampant in this team. If we can limit the sidekicks in the bag using PXG we can increase our kobold draw, netting even more dice on top of what was brought over with PXG.

We need protection for the kobolds, and originally I was going to use human paladin for the when fielded effect. However after noticing that his global could really backfire I needed to find a way to guard to little yellow guys from magic missile another way. If your opponent is playing burn this is an easy purchase to put on another character to offer some protection to both yourself and your kobolds.

Pure global here, forcing a character to block for a single is fantastic. This will guarantee that obelisk will be blocked so you can use cone of cold’s global to really deal extreme numbers.

Cheap mask character that can be used for both distraction and PXG. I know I go to him often but for the price he’s hard to beat in a budget team. If you have the cash, I would consider upgrading this slot first to something like Beast or Psylocke.

Cheap effective character that can be used as early defense or offense and later be used for energy to put into cone of cold.

Obelisk light, same ability half the damage! At 5 cost Gaia can be brought out earlier and used in much the same way as it’s big brother, dealing a good chunk of damage along the way.

TURN 1: Lets aim to purchase a Kobold here, we want to kick start this engine to lead up to bigger and better purchases as fast as possible. Ideally you want to PXG as many times as you can, so look for at least 2 on the first roll and hopefully a or two.

TURN 2: If your opponent has brought burn to the table start to consider purchasing the ring. If not look to buy a cheap character such as David while being able to PXG as many times as possible; preferably three times to be able to roll everything next turn.

TURN 3: Hopefully you hit the Kobold here, if you did start purchasing them in bunches to really force the pace early.

TURN 4+: Keep the formula going, using small efficient smart purchases, but look to buy Obelisk as soon as possible with out hurting your chance of drawing him next turn. Always remember, you only need one Kobold fielded, any drawn kobold needs to be energy. If you roll double energy don’t be afraid to not field them on your turn, sending them straight to used where they can be churned again.

Obelisk is going to hit HARD when he comes around. Don’t be surprised to be able to swing for 14 – 20 with him. With all the fists flowing, he’s an easy one-shot kill at this point. Word of warning… Relentless and Blue-Eyes global are not your friend on this team. Multiple times I have had to use multiple fists to force multiple characters to block because my opponent has been smart enough to either play relentless on himself, or Blue-Eyes his character that will be forced to block before I could get into the attack step.

This team is a little bit more along the lines of a casual fun team, but it still can be effectively piloted to victory against other strong teams…. Now, to the important part of the team, the $10 budget…

As of the day of posting at CoolStuffInc…

Obelisk the Tormentor - Fist of Fate $ 0.99
Gaia the Fierce Knight - Spiral Shaver $ 0.25
Black Manta – David $ 0.25
Morphing Jar – Canopic Jar $ 1.99
Professor X – Recruiting Young Mutants $ 0.25
Kobold – Greater Humanoid $ 0.99
Ring of Magnetism – Action Attraction $ 0.39
Goblin Attack ForceGoblin Squad $ 0.39

Total cost for the team… $5.50
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