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Crowds, Cosplay, non-DM Competitions...

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...and the call of cardboard.

When I planned my trip to UK Games Expo I was primarily going for the D&D Draft on the Friday, and UK Nationals on the Sunday, and, as I was staying at my parent's place (who live not too far from the venue), I thought it would be good to rest up on the Saturday and spend the day with them.

However, before I had even gone to bed on the Friday night I could feel the call of cardboard pulling me back.

And, so...

Day 2 of the UK Games Expo - Saturday 30th May - some time in the afternoon.

...I headed back to the Hilton Metropole, with a mostly empty bag, and a small wad of cash in my back pocket, to see what the rest of the Expo had to offer.

Being held in the various conference rooms of a not overly sizable hotel, the trade halls were cramped, and busy. Very busy.

But there was an incredible amount to see.

So much that I know I barely even scratched the surface of what was there...

So what did I see?

Stall after stall after stall, of people selling an assortment of wares.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	millennium_falcon.png 
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Size:	3.19 MB 
ID:	1436The highlight of which had to be the Metal Earth 3D Laser Cut Models.

Which look infinitely better in reality than they do in pictures.

And an assortment of Cosplayers, including, but not limited to, Daleks, an assortment of Doctors Who, and a Deadpool.

But, sadly I didn't think to get any photos at all.

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	pic2297198.png 
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ID:	1437I did, however, manage to buy one new game, or rather a new expansion to a game I already have - Pandemic: State of Emergency.

I've not had a chance to get this to the table yet, but having flicked through the rules, and seen some overviews online, I'm really liking the look of what it adds to the base game.

But, I quickly found the crowds, the noise, and the massive array of visual stimuli a tad overwhelming, and so I headed to the WizKids Pavillion where I correctly thought, I might find Chris Phillips playing in an Attack Wing tournament.

I was then also joined by Mark Gardner, so we sat in the relative quiet, chatted, and watched a couple of our possible opponents on Sunday learn to play Dice Masters!

After a while of that, Mark and I decided to head outside to a Marque in which there was a Star Wars X-Wing tournament being held. And I felt it somewhat amusing that the X-Wing and Attack Wing tournaments were being held as far apart as they possibly could be.

Anyway, I saw a couple of the guys - Duncan Callander and Robert Cornell - from the gaming club, where I live, in Cambridge UK, that I go to from time to time, playing in the X-Wing tournament - Duncan was doing pretty well, Robert not so well.

And that was that. I was exhausted, overloaded, overwhelmed, and tired.

So, I headed back to my parents and tried to prepare myself for the big event - the UK National Dice Masters Championships the next day.

But, the story of what happened then can wait.

Next year, I think I will try to stay at the venue itself, rather than at my Parent's house, because although they live fairly close by, they're not close enough to easily come and go.

Particularly as the Expo is going to be expanding into one of the halls in the nearby Exhibition Centre.

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