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Procrastination post...

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So, I am sat here, busy procrastinating (mostly by reading and posting to the TRP forums), so I thought I ought to throw up a quick blog post about why I've not posted anything over the last week.

To put it simply: Life has gotten busy, and I've been very tired.

However, I am planning to write up the following posts very soon:

  • A short post about Day 2 of UK Games Expo.
  • A longer, probably 2-part, post about UK Nationals Constructed tournament on Day 3 of UK Games Expo.
  • My thoughts on information in Dice Masters, and the "can I ask my opponent how many dice they have in their bag" question.
  • Anything else I might think of.

Hopefully, life will start to get less busy, and will find more energy.

Anyway, back to the procrastination, and trying not to feel bad about not being able to make it Archery this evening...

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