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Join the Meta | How to Play Dice Masters on Vassal

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Hello and welcome everybody! I'm here to bring you to Join the Meta by playing Dice Masters online using the Vassal system instead of fiddling around with a camera and video chat system.

For those of you in the know, Vassal is a very easy way to play Dice Masters long-distance, without worrying about a webcam (though a microphone really helps). That said, I've come across countless numbers of players who would love to play using Vassal, but don't really understand how it works or how to learn. To fix that, I've taken the time to make a short video tutorial on how to play Dice Masters using Vassal.

(I don't recommend viewing in The Reserve Pool player since the video will be too small to see. Instead, copy the Video URL and follow it to YouTube to watch in stunning 1080p resolution, or go fullscreen)

This isn't going to be a consistent post series, but I will be making one or two more videos to cover how to set up any of the various limited formats such as Rainbow Draft, Dare-Devil Draft, and Hybrid. If you think I've left anything out or the instructions are hard to follow, let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix the problem.
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  1. KingMatticus's Avatar
    Thanks @Necromanticer for the tutorial!
  2. bahamut7's Avatar
    I never knew about this. Thank you.
  3. Wargfn's Avatar
    Hey Necromanticer, nice video. I also pushed the Semi-Constructed / Hybrid format Module Extension today. There is some verbiage on the Help Screen on what Semi-Constructed Format actually is.
  4. agentj's Avatar
    Did you ever show how to set up draft/sealed/ other options of dice masters? I could not find any videos on how to do it.