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Demo Event at FLGS - First Impressions

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To promote the Demo Day, the FLGS store owner created the following (based on my Nick Fury costume at a Marvel bday party) and I loved it so much I had to include it here:
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Brief Overview

Today was so much fun.

Three participants attended the Demonstration Day event, ranging from inexperienced to a Quarriors fan to a more experienced table top gamer (mainly from MtG). Since I did not ask for permission to use their names I will reference them as B, J, and T respectively; one female and two males.

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B, began by explaining she had never played a game like this, although was a super quick study. While teaching B I had trouble deciding whether to let her make mistakes (due to inexperience of the game) or correct them. As an example, deciding what to reroll in order to make logical purchases. I decided to ride the fence, correcting only when something would have been a critical misstep. Still not sure what the right call here is. B was a super fun and easy to teach.

J, having previously played Quarriors, won his first game 20-0. As a result he was awarded a PXG with die as a prize.

I played T in back to back DC matches. He won handsomely both times using a Batman & Robin / Justice League team. T was a great player for this being his second and third game, ever.

I encouraged all to attend future events as well as join the local Facebook group. It was also heavily suggested to visit the reserve pool website as one of the best resources for the game.

In addition to the participation prizes put together (see previous blog entry) the FLGS added a 15% coupon for all participants on a future Dice Masters purchase.

What Did I Learn?

1. Bring another volunteer.
I invited the established community to invite friends and to attend themselves with the suggestion that they would be free to play some casual games. One of the store usuals showed up and it turns out it was necessary. While I taught B to play the game he played J. And later when I played T, he spent time showing B and J how to put a team together and create synergies. I would not have been able to teach and play 3 people at once without the help of another volunteer and highly recommend getting some help from other players if you have your own demonstration event.

2. No matter how new, your opponent may want to build a team.
I spent lots of time putting together teams and although this time was not wasted, I missed the point that part of the fun is building teams. This can and should be included the demo too. All three participants took the opportunity to build a team and ask questions about what could make them better.

3, People love to trade.
Almost as quick as prizes were handed out and boosters were opened trades were happening. And not for completion purposes, but character preferences. It caught me a little off guard as I would traditionally only traded a duplicate.

Moving Forward

Today was a success in my books as well as the FLGS which sold approx. 25 booster packs and received an order for a Starter kit and Gravity Feed. The store owner and I agreed to hold another Demo Day in Aug/Sept; I have several prizes remaining. It looks like we will also be having some casual play dates outside of tournaments to accommodate newer players.



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    Great card!
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    You guys still need to make your way up to gamebreakers sometime and hang out with @theroyalfalcon and I, eh