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Magic Missile Arm Cannon

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Hello! New here to the blog section, had a friend at my local suggest I should write up something about my main team as I've finally got it to a nice running machine. I liked the idea, so I'll share it with the community. And possibly more of my... off beat teams in the future

Let me introduce you to my main man Lex Luthor and his magic infused armor.

Team: Magic Missile Arm Cannon

The Premise: When Battle of Faerun originally came out, I was all over it, and I bought the starter set and a bunch of the gravity feed. My friend (the one who eventually suggested me to write this) was watching me open my packs. Out of these I pulled THREE Dracolich - Paragon Undead Dragon as well as Red Dragon - Epic Dragon. My friend started to tell me about a build that I could use it for, which was Dr. Strange Machine Gun using the new Magic Missile. I liked the idea, and became focused on adapting the idea using Dracolich as my stand-in for Strange. (As I figured Dracolich's while fielded ability would do more damage on average than the extra 2 damage) It took time, but I've improved it after each event, getting it to work better each time. Here is the result:

The Deadly Trio:
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Red Dragon - Epic Dragon brings his burning global to the table, poking for 1 damage continuously softening an opponent up until you start cycling Magic Missiles. You will need to be careful, as you can (and most likely will) be burned back by it. Yours will add up faster, though You don't exactly 'need' the super like I've got, as all three versions of it carry the global... But I enjoy the action copy ability and the breath weapon 3 the super carries. I've ended quite a few games this way.

Magic Missile is your main damage dealer. The global it brings can do some damage to characters, but your main focus is to buy the action die.

And finally Lex Luthor - Former President. While he is on the field, any basic action you use, you get to attempt a re-roll. Roll an action? Prep the die for next turn. Continue the burn! Not to mention his stats are perfect for just sitting out there doing jack all.

These three make up your main win condition, to burn your opponent to nothing, chunk by chunk.

The Tech
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Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell talk began to go down around Nationals and Worlds, and I liked the idea. I had already abandoned PXG to just rely on it or cheap buy Magic Missiles when my opponent didn't bring it. Not to mention my Action-oriented team could welcome it with open arms. It seemed like an easy add-in.

Cheetah - Cursed Archaeologist adds another burner and more bolts to the mix. As a solid stat character on her own, she can add up lots of damage in the mid game after you've already bought and are using your Lex and missiles. No need to worry about the distraction I'm already running, as the damage will be done either way!

Phoenix - Redd is just the obligatory taunt space. As I hate Imprisoned. A LOT.

Distraction is there because you don't want to get attacked, and you certainly don't need to attack yourself!

The Free Spaces:
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These three bring us to some very flexible options that could easily be messed with if needed.

Batman - The Caped Crusader is there for his global. Life gain is fun, and it's nice to use spare fists and extra bolts up.

Morphing Jar - Canopic Jar is a recent add, mostly to add a cheap decent character to fill space. It does give me extra masks for Distraction, PXG, and such.

Limited Wish - Greater Spell is a personal choice, as I'd like to unbuy people's dice but mostly just to force dice bags to fill as an alternative to Prismatic Spray (Mostly if someone brings a non-PXG team that abuses their used pile.)

The Whole Team:

Red Dragon - Epic Dragon - 1 Dice
Lex Luthor - Former President - 2 Dice
Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell - 3 Dice
Limited Wish - Greater Spell - 3 Dice
Cheetah - Cursed Archaeologist - 4 Dice
Morphing Jar - Canopic Jar - 4 Dice
Batman - The Caped Crusader - 1 Dice
Phoenix - Redd - 1 Dice

Basic Actions:
Magic Missile

Alright, first blog for you all. Let me know if you like the team, have suggestions about it or how I did the blog!

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  1. bahamut7's Avatar
    A nice variation to the Magic Missile Machine Gun theme. I want to use the Dracolich on my version with Dr. Strange, but I don't have the rare. Though, if you get your hands on Dr. Strange - Master of the Mystic Arts, you should definitely try him in place of Phoenix. That 2 damage every time you use an action makes that Missile do 2x the damage. I love the Rare Elf Wizard for this, because it allows me to use 2 actions my opponent may have bought to slow me down. And if I remember right, you can use Luthor to capture the Action Die(s) from your opponent. Which means you could essentially take the action die(s) from them and use them to win faster.
  2. themadking's Avatar
    I dropped the Dracolich due to it's high price, so it was real slow getting out. The 4 cost of Lex is just way easier than the 7 of draco or even the 6 of strange.
  3. alphans's Avatar
    As the friend who told him to write this list up, that stupid Greg and Pheonix is I for local meta... aka my team.