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Make it Meta | Ride the Sky to Victory

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Hello and welcome back everyone, it's time for a slightly delayed iteration of Make it Meta for a look at Silver Surfer. Here we'll be seeing exactly how to use him in order to beat your opponent into a bloody pulp, likely for an OTK.

The first thing we need to cover is which Silver Surfer we want to bring to the field. As a 6+ cost character, he is going to be our de facto bomb. When we get him onto the field we should be looking to win the game either that very turn or once we meet 1 to 2 other conditions. Since they all activate when we have less health than out opponent and have the global, we only need to look at their effects:

  • +2/+2 on a big 6-cost body
  • Extra draw power
  • Double stats on an already big 7-cost body

Given that we're looking to end the game, we want as much stats as we can muster so we'll be going with Sky-Rider who has the best outright stats when his effect procs and also benefits twice as much from pump effects. This means our win condition is to field Silver Surfer and swing for lethal as fast as we can. In order to do that, we need a way to purchase Silver Surfer quickly, and what better way to shoot your ramp through the roof than with Kobolds? Beyond just buying Silver surfer, we need make sure he can actually hurt our opponent. We could give him overcrush, but that relies on us drawing into a specific die after already fielding Silver Surfer. Instead we're going to ensure that he can't be blocked by ANYTHING by including Spider-Man - Webslinger in the team. This is going to be the base of our team and allow us to end the game immediately when Silver Surfer hits the field because all of our enabling for Silver Surfer is in preparation of his coming instead of relying on coming out after he's already here.


With our win condition and ramp all wrapped up, we have a shocking amount of space left in the team. This is because we have a single focused core that provides nearly all the power we need to end the game. From here on out we're just looking to pick cards that will properly support, protect, and enable our main combo. For protection, we have have a few good options, but since we have so much space left, I'm willing to spend two of them on Lord of D. Ring. This combo relies on you having the time to build up protection so we have the time to set this up and it's going to provide one of the strongest all round forms of protection that energy can buy. Not only will this save our Silver Surfer from all sorts of threats, ranging from Solomon Grundy/BEWD to a simple Distraction, but it also ensures our Kobolds can sit around and ramp for us most of the game. Outside of effect protection, we also need some way to protect ourselves from our opponent's aggression, so we'll pick up Zombie - Greater Undead as a very cheap source of s and a method of shutting down even the strongest overcrushers. Beyond protection, we want to be able to pump our Silver Surfer since we're going to double those stats come the attack step. Since we already have Kobolds, s are going to abound, meaning we're best served by bringing Anger Issues and we can even buy the die itself in a pinch.


Last but not least, we need removal to make sure we're not taken out as we build up our forces and to keep key opposing character off the field. For that we're going to pick up the cheap and always in fashion Storm - African Princess. She's easy to grab at a moment's notice and is surprisingly heavy removal, sending characters all the way to used. We have a dangling action slot so we can fill it with Card Crush Virus. Not only does that give us pure, refined single target removal, but it also allows us to get spare kobolds off the field and helps us ramp harder. Finally, we want some way to deal with out opponent's abilities that don't target, especially ones that might hurt our Sky-Rider, so to do that, we're going to use the nuke of effect removal: Prismatic Spray - Lesser Spell. This will also shut down any protection that our opponent is running and can allow us to edge out our opponent no matter his field.

Full Build

This team is focused on its core 3 characters, but has a whole wide variety of flex options to deal with the game as it comes to you. Your ultimate goal is to have lower health than your opponent by a small amount, ramp up to your big purchases with Kobolds, and smash your opponent to bits using Silver Surfer while his field is busy blocking Spider-Man. The trick is knowing when and how to spend your energy on your flex options in order to protect your field and counter your opponent's attempts to drop you to zero. If they're dedicating to an overcrush strategy, it's good to field a few Zombies, if they're burning you down with bolts, pick up Crush Card Virus or Storm to take out their enablers like Firestorm - Jason and Ronnie. If you're dealing with removal or control, Lord of D. Ring is going to keep your field strong and prevent your opponent from disrupting you. Once You work your way up to Silver Surfer, get him fielded and prepare to wreck your opponent. There's very few ways for your opponent to deal with your threats and your win condition is inexorable, so if you can hold out for long enough, you're sure to win the day.

Silver Surfer makes for such a lovely win condition because his presence represents imminent doom, just like he would as herald of Galactus. Once he shows up, your opponent has no way to fight back and is sure to succumb to the incredible amount of damage coming his way. Because of that, they're going to immediately look to edge you out of the game as fast as they can, so just focus on playing the long game with your control and in time, you'll be riding the sky to victory.

That brings us to a close for this week, but keep an eye out for next week. I'll be making my second return appearance on 'The Prep Area' and exploring yet another unique and underrepresented character for you all. Aside from Dice Masters stuff, have a happy Fourth of July everybody, even if you aren't here in America. It's the middle of summer and there's always cause to celebrate something or other!


  1. bahamut7's Avatar
    One of the few things i did differently was use dimensional door instead of crush card. This gave me two options to make silver surfer unblockable.
  2. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bahamut7
    One of the few things i did differently was use dimensional door instead of crush card. This gave me two options to make silver surfer unblockable.
    That's a reasonable way to do it, but I don't think it actually adds too much. A single Spider-Man + is enough to make Silver Surfer completely unblockable. This means I can sit Spidey on the field for as long as I wish and sit back until I field Silver Surfer. Dimension Door relies on you drawing and rolling its die at the right time and although it doesn't need any energy to work, our Kobolds are going to provide more than enough fists. I cannot envision a single instance in which Dimension Door is actually more useful than Spidey, and I'd much rather use my slots and energy on covering my leftover weaknesses. Having a way to KO my own Kobolds and add extra removal is always a good idea, but building in an anti-blocker redundancy doesn't really help my cause and instead just takes up room on my team.
  3. bahamut7's Avatar
    I have found dimensional door to be more useful as it is cheaper, has no fielding cost, one fist is not needed, with a 50% chance of going off. Plus, with the advent of removal cards (millennium puzzle) and constantine hellblazer, i find having more than one path makes it that much harder to stop the clock.