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Podcast 41: Top Ten Commons!

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Dave and Evan open up this episode talking about recent Dice Masters games that they've played, both in real life and over Skype. Randy discusses Colossus, and Abigail wants some M&Ms.; Chris continues to discuss building a local scene at your FLGS. We have a fun feature today, talking about our top ten favorite commons (not including starter set characters) and how the D&D; set may change our lists!

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  1. Okami31 imported's Avatar
    Are you going to post this or something similar as an article?
  2. Chris imported's Avatar
    Randy...where exactly does one get these "M&M;'s" for going "potty." I'm just asking because I go potty quite regularly and I don't usually get M&;.
  3. Randy imported's Avatar
    Haha. We used to give M&Ms; as a reward for going on the potty. She is now 4 years old, and has been potty - trained for like 2 years. But if she sees the case of M&Ms;, she asks for one, and she always backs it up with, "I went potty earlier". ....I will be sure to move the M&Ms; before the next recording session
  4. Ken Varga imported's Avatar
    Personally, I love the family angle you bring to the podcast and liked that you didn't edit out the potty M&M;'s. Dice Masters is a game and can be a family affair. You sounded slightly annoyed she was asking while recording, but thems the breaks when working with young-ins.

    That and I soooo hope the day comes that we meet and I can somehow slip a package of M&Ms; into your possession for the purpose of asking for a potty M&M.; I'll be sure to use the bathroom first.