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Make it Meta | Minotaur Gore

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Hello and welcome back, one and all, for the finishing cap to Minotaur's time in the spotlight. Make it Meta is back once more and it's time to see what he can do. With Age of Ultron right around the corner, it's time to start including it in my considerations. for the next few weeks, I'll mention substitutes for the AoU cards, but I think now is the right time to begin introducing them.

Our first order of business is deciding between which Minotaur we want to take on board for this team. Each of them offers something slightly different and since they all share the same cost, we can compare their effects very directly. Due to the high 5- purchasing cost and TFC-6, we're probably going to need him to be our Bomb, but let's have a look at what's on offer first:

  • Sidekick manipulation and self-pump when fielded.
  • Minor sidekick manipulation when attacking
  • Dice capture when attacking

With all that informing our decision, I think the common is going to best serve our purposes as a heavy bomb that's going to enable our other characters to swing through in support. He's going to tie up every single sidekick when he gets fielded, so in order to swing him through completely unblocked, we just need to roll out with a bit of extra blocker manipulation and we're going to be set. To that end, we're going to include 2 characters that are going to allow us to stop non-sidekick dice from getting in the way of our Minotaur, Deadpool - Assassin and the less well known Gelatinous Cube - Lesser Ooze.


With our win condition set as a large swing when we field the Minotaur, we also bring a source of removal to the table. With Gelatinous Cube, we're going to be able to capture our opponent's key characters if we can manage to knock them out in the attack step. Since we already have a way of pulling characters into blocking, we have a pair of globals that will seal the deal here: Cone of Cold to boost our attacker's damage high enough for a KO or Gamora - Raised by Thanos to guarantee a KO. Personally, I'm inclined to take the Gamora since Cone of Cold could be used against us much more effectively as we're not planning on bringing overcrush. In order to fuel this fist heavy team we're going to be going with my personal favorite source of ramp, Kobolds, solidifying my choice not to bring Cone of Cold since its die is very dangerous to swarm teams. Finally, we need a way to protect our field from the evils of Distraction, Mr. Fantastic/Phoenix, and our own Gamora, so we're going to go with my beloved Human Paladin and his protective aura.



Finally, we need to focus on making our team a bit more consistent and solidifying our win condition. For this team, we're dedicating a lot of resources for a single swing with Minotaur. We need to make sure that we're taking advantage of the opening in our opponent's defenses for maximum damage, so having a cheap characters with some utility would really help. Take for instance Morphing Jar - All Seeing Eye: he's cheap to field with great offensive stats and can disrupt my opponent to boot. We're also going to put Green Goblin - Goblin-Lord for a similarly well statted die and in order to boost the damage of all of our sidekicks for a fully lethal swing.

Outside of forcing blockers and using Gamora's global, we're lacking removal, so to supplement that, we're going to bring Imprisoned. This is going to allow us to capture even more of our opponent's field without needing to target and since our goal is to swing for lethal in a single turn, it's not going to matter that we can't damage our opponent while it has an active capture. If you're worried about it being used against you due to this team's low fielding costs, I recommend using Crush Card Virus for its similar removal, but that leaves you without an out if your opponent sets up a Lord of D. Ring. We're also going to bring Smash! since it will keep us from damaging sensitive targets like Hulk and stop our opponent from using Overcrush effectively unless he brought protection. The die itself could also be used for removal in a pinch, but it's unlikely to come up, especially when compared to Imprisoned.

Full Build


All told, we have a very control heavy team that's built around sticking to the board long enough to send Minotaur and as much other dice as I can muster directly into my opponent's face while Deadpool and Gelatinous Cube tie up the non-sidekicks that resist Minotaur's intimidating charge. We're bringing a bunch of ways to mess with the characters our opponent has fielded and keep them from hurting us, so the real problem we're going to run into is dealing with an early burn team. With the right luck, we'll be able to call out and control the key characters like "Gobby" or Johnny Storm, but our early game is going to be tenuous before we get the Kobolds swarming properly. Once we get the energy to establish our field, we're going to have a lot of characters to stall out aggression and keep our opponent oppressed.

Thank you all for following along, I hope you came away with a new-found respect for our favored raging bull. He's surprisingly cheap for a bomb character, but he still packs an incredible punch for his weight. If you don't like playing control teams, I recommend you look elsewhere, but if you want to watch your opponent seethe in frustration as you devour and stall his field, try this team out and see how it does for you. This is approximately my take on the infamous 'Apologies in Advance' team, but executed in such a way that you don't feel the need to take a shower after every match. Good luck with applying this tam and I hope to hear tales of successful Minotaurs, returning triumphantly from battle with your opponent stuck atop their mighty horns.
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  1. bahamut7's Avatar
    The only thing I would do different would be to swap Imprison for something like Anger Issues. Not only would this give me a way to ramp up the Minotaur's damage even more but it would eliminate the potential of imprison to be used against me. Plus the Anger Issues action itself could still allow the Minotaur to damage my opponent in this case of him somehow to being blocked. Otherwise, I see why you included imprison as it is further blocker manipulation which should allow you to swing big unblocked.