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The dichotomy of playing casually, but wanting to be the best

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How many of you have ever played the UC Red Hulk? Anybody? Well, I played it in an uncommon tournament recently. While I was proud I was the only one with Red-Hulk, I also lost the majority of my games. What did I lose to? Human Torch and Hulk - Green Goliath. Now, I could have done the same thing, or countered, using something like the uncommon cerebro to ramp Hulk's cost to 3/4/5. However, I had so much fun bringing a lesser-known, as I've come to call them, that I didn't mind I lost most of my matches.

Two hours after I got home from the tournament, my mind shifted. I was no longer amused that I had a Red Hulk when nobody else did. I was upset that I lost so much. Now, I'm not competitive by default, but I am all about being the best I can be at whatever I do. I've now found that I am fighting my own mind in whether I should just mess around with team comps, or if I should actually attempt to win.

Leading into the AoU release draft tournament I'm going to tomorrow, this is plaguing me more than it should. Do I build a themed team such as Avengers, GoG or Villains? Do I go for an archetype team? Or, do I actually attempt to go for broke and win the tournament? The happy medium would be to mess around with a team comp and do well, but that rarely works out, as I'm sure most of you have noticed if you've faced this same dichotomy.

After much debating within myself, I have come up with the following advice. Do what makes you happy! If it makes you happy to claw and fight your way to the top of your game store's rankings, do it! If it makes you happy to just mess around with team comps and combos, do that! As for those who straddle the fence, like myself, I've found that messing around on Vassal, and actually playing hard in tournaments appears to be a happy medium. I mean, at what other point are you going to run a D&D team that is primarily undead with gear?

Thanks for reading. Remember, more than having fun, play whichever way makes you happy!