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The End Game is NEW!!!

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Hey everyone, this is VapeDaveb and itís been a while but welcome back to Tranzit Metro. I have not written a blog in a while. There have been a lot of personal things that have gotten in the way but that ends today. Today is simply a HYPE article, yeap I am feeding into the hype, Why? I am really excited about Age of Ultron. I have to say that this set changes the game, I know every set changes the game. Yet what I am seeing in this set is the inclusion of a lot of new possible end conditions. The truth is it will be a while till the heavy hitters in the Dice Masters Community really build around the new meta. However, we are all seeing some new stuff that has gears churning. So what I am going to talk about are some of the new cards that I think may not become the ďMetaĒ but they have a lot of promise.

Letís start off with one that has some of the largest Buzz

Jakasta Super Rare

Name:  Jokasta sr.jpg
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She is so good, her ability matches with a lot of defense and offense. Simply you have to question attacking when you know she is there, also I believe she is per die, so have an army of her out and Green Goliath really has to think about pinging her. The math gets crazy but it's enough to make your opponent question. People are working on all the different uses with her personally she matches with

and I see promise with

She give some nasty to the villians, and I think that villians Archtype might become tier one valid. Just a Hope Really. Her cost is great and she can take a beating.

Now before everyone worries that this list is about super rares, I am here to say this is the last super rare we are talking about today. Next is not an end Condition, but if anyone has read this blog before you know my love of Jinzo, so here is his little sister.

Wasp: Founding Member

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Ok to start I want to state that she is not a win condition, and in ways she has a lot of weakness over Jinzo. Jinzo you have to pay the life, so he does not trigger Hulk GG or JG, However, Wasp deals damage which means GG and JG will react. She speeds things up really well. You see with her your opponent will often take that one little point, and even doesn't care that he spends his life, but this gets dangerous fast, a couple of PXG's and suddenly your opponent realizes that they are at 8 life and your still full. She also has very little hit points, so hulk can make things bad for her, but again at 3 cost, she is cost effective and a great power for fodder.

Ok that is all for the rares, now lets look at some commons
First Possibly my favorite card in this set.

Name:  Ultron Drone.JPG
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OH how we have hoped for a low fielding cost, 2 cost villain, and Wizkids did not disappoint.
The stats for this guy are great, he is cheap, and he is trixi, use him with

Click image for larger version. 

Name:	BAC-Hulk-Out.jpg 
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and you have an unblockable force. Of course he is also great for the Black Manta retaliation team.
There are so many options, he feeds in to a Thanos :infinite team. But he is just a great fodder with possible level 3 2/4/4 for 2 cost. Just a great card IMHO.

And since I brought up the picture already lets just take a second to look at HULK OUT.

Ummmm yeah, do I really need to? No. Not really, it's simply amazing, abusable, wowness. Nuff Said.

Ok and the own character I thought was useful but not amazing, who turns out to be a workhorse, The woman who completes Tony Stark

Pepper Pots

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Name:	pepper pots.jpg 
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ID:	1954

Now I saw her and I was like oh yeah fodder for Firestorm, but no it goes deeper than that. I played against a great combo of her and Rocket Raccoon that created the unkillable wall. It was amazing, then I played her and she makes Jokasta better, she makes Sidekicks valid blockers, she helps reduce Overcrush, she is a 0 fielding cost (if she had swarm I would marry the card, Cuz I would Love it that much). This is the kind of character that really shines in a control team. She adds to bolt teams, she boosts Iron Man, She is all you could want from a 2 cost defender. Yeah she can't attack, why should she?

OK well this is just a start, later on we will see more as time goes on. I just wanted to mention what I am loving so far, but this is not all because there is still Iron Man, Giant Man, S.H.E.I.L.D Agents, Rocket Raccon, I mean this set is crazy with crazy combo Goodness. There is just no way to talk about all of it in one Article. So.....

If you read this far

If you didn't
Thanks anyways
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  1. Green Knight's Avatar
    I enjoyed the blog Dave, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the set and I look forward to your next installment.