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Not a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! or D&D but love tournament-viable cards?

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Enter: Card Rebrands

I've rebranded a series of cards that are out of the superhero theme, but are still tournament viable and therefore a necessary evil for those of us (see: my roommate) who can't stomach blurry Yu-Gi-Oh! TV screen caps or stock fantasy D&D art alongside their favorite comic book heroes and villains.

Rebranding is essentially a new character name (same subtitle) and new art (esp. that matches the dice color scheme), with minor rules-text adjustments to account for silly things like "monster" and "summon" or the latest erratas.

At best, they're a Marvel/DC thematic match. At worst, they're a pop-culture reference.


Rebrand album link: (more at the link)
Proxies album link:

Note: Cards are slightly larger than normal as they're created for printing through (63.5 x 88.9mm)

And if you have any requests for a card rebrand—or alternate art, or even a simple proxy—hit me up here or with a private message.

Proxies at this point take me just a few minutes, provided I have the following:
  1. Art larger than 1024x768px (see: Google Image Search e.g.
    Pay attention to dimensions, and note that art needs headroom for card title.
  2. Scan of the original card, for the dice faces (see: Dice Masters DB e.g.

And hey, thanks for checkin' these out!

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  1. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Everytime I see these sorts of edits and proxies, I am staggered by the love and attention this community puts into the game and even these littler details. Great job with these cards, I really like the choices of characters and art you supplemented in!
  2. Jabulani's Avatar
    I laughed so hard when I saw Red Shirt - it's so accurate and kinda obvious, but it never came to my mind Great job with these cards!
  3. digitallimit's Avatar
    Thanks gents! Looking forward to continuing that Dice Masters fandom.

    A little worried I've spent more time designing and printing cards than I have actually playing the game, haha.
  4. digitallimit's Avatar
    A few cards that I've proxied, since I don't think anyone's digging into that album:

    Proxies album link: