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New to Dice Masters

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Collecting x-men cards as middle-school aged boy was a fun past time. The days of trading, selling, and viewing cards under my desk at school. I loved watching x-men, spider-man, and iron man cartoons and "I'm a huge fan of the way the Hulk turns into a huge rage monster." When I came across this game where not only are their cards with amazing artwork, but a head to head game where you can have Wolverine face off with the Hulk. I just had to have it. It brings back the joy of collecting, and gives the excitement of kicking butt. True I haven't played a game yet, but my expectations are high , and I plan to update my blog posts. So far i have bought AvX starter and all common and uncommon cards and Uncanny X-men starter with some boosters. If anyone has some suggestions of what to buy next please let me know.
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  1. Green Knight's Avatar
    You seem to be a big Marvel fan and the Age of Ultron just released. I would recommend some of that set based on your post, a gravity feed if you can swing it. For powerful basic actions (i.e. Magic Missile, Resurrection, Polymorph) I would recommend picking up the D&D Starter.
    If you can find a local shop who runs "Rainbow Drafts" this is a great way to grow your collection and learn the game from players in the know.
    Best of luck and enjoy the game!