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Draft: I Love Ultron

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Ran a baby draft with my girlfriend, which sounds all kinds of suggestive. It's a format I threw together because there's only two of us. We both open four packs, take our first pick and then swap hands and pick. Swap and repeat until there are no more cards. Repeat the whole process two more times.

This is the first time I've had any real interaction with the AoU set in-hand.

To that end, I - Love - Ultron.

Got a hold of Ultron: New World Order (does 3 damage to the opposing player the first time you capture an opposing character each turn) and an Ultron Drone: 1 of a Million (capture blocking character - do damage to the opposing player equal to that captured character's fielding cost). Sweet mother, Ultron is nasty if the opponent doesn't have spot removal.

Takes a bit to get set up with Ultron's 6 drop cost and no PXG around to help ramp. However, once he was out, I completely closed out the game. A bit of a weakness in the Level 1 and 2 face on the Ultron Drone. Doing only 1-2 damage means nobody is going to voluntarily block him when the alternative is a minimum of 3 damage. Still, the force-block global really did come in handy and helped to overcome this.

Captain Marvel: Maj. Carol Danvers (if you inflict combat damage, draw 1 die to the prep area). I originally wasn't a huge fan of her, but I put some serious mileage on her in my games yesterday. I think she's one of my in-set favorites now. Not a first pick, but I originally had her as a 3 and now I feel she's more of a personal 3.25-3.5. The fact that she triggers on combat damage, blocking or attacking, makes her so amazingly versatile if you can afford to get her out. I honestly feel that, despite how awesome the Ultron combo was for me, she was the backbone that won me the game.

Jocasta: Wife of Ultron (ramps like Capt.Marvel when taking damage). I never got her out. I probably should have used someone else. I thought I was going to be clever and have both her and Captain Marvel out at the same time ramping for me. Game didn't run that long.

Kang: Time-Ship. I never got him out as I was too busy with Ultron and the drones. I still have mixed emotions on this one. It certainty puts your opponent on a clock. I only picked it because I had knowledge that my girlfriend picked the Kang where you may reroll a third time. Figured it would be dirty of me to throw him out there to put the wrench in the gears.

Wasp: The Winsome Wasp. Was not impressed. I did get a bit of mileage out of her global to help clear some sidekicks. Honestly, because there are so few globals in this set, I never got any use out of her ability to not be the target of globals. Still, I wanted another 2-3 drop to help curve.

Red Skull: Johann Schmidt was an early pick after I got Ultron because I wanted some more fists on my team. His ability is certainly serious business and his pricing is fair. I got good use out of him and would gladly pick him again. I also picked him (post Ultron) because I didn't know if I might be able to fall into a Villain-centric team later on and wanted to keep my options open.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. I threw it in there because I needed a filler and I was running a bit lean on 4 drops. Never got to use it.

All in all, I had fun in the experience, got a few new cards in the process, and learned that Ultron is no joke.
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  1. Shazam's Avatar
    Glad ro hear you had fun with Ultron and company. I was on the receiving end of Ultron and his drone today (you can check my blog). It does take a while ro set up, but once its going, its on automatic.