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Family Outing

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I packed up my two boys, Mikey and Danny, and started the 1 plus change hour trip to Hastings in Billings, MT.

I had never heard of Hastings until about a month ago when my interst was piqued in a game called Dice Masters. I had called the store and found out that Gus was in charge of all gaming activites.

I met Gus the week befofe a scheduled Dice Masters AvX Rainbow Tournament. I was schocked and excited to discover there were other people interested in the game. But I warned Gus that my sudden personal interest usually spelled doom for a game. (See: Mayfair's DC Heroes RPG, Decipher's STCCG, FASA's Star Trek RPG.)

That first tourney was attended by the whole family: me; my wife, Joleanna; older son, Mikey; and younger son, Danny. Two local players were there, as well as Gus, who sat out the tournament. It was July 4, 2015, I took 1st place, and got a ton of cool promos!

Tournament #2 was a DC Justice League Rainbow Draft. (They had JUST GOT the JL packs in and wanted to try them.) My wife was working, so it was me amd the boys, couple of local gamers, and Gus. Did I mention Gus is a really great guy? Easy to talk to, smart, and good at Dice Masters. I think i came in 3rd at that tourney.

Tournamemt #3 was today, and my wife had to work again. Picking up from my opening sentence above, we were about 15 minutes into the trip when I realized I didn't have Mikey's ADHD noon time pill with me. That could make things very interesting!

When we arrived it was just us and Gus. Summertime activites had swept everyone else away! As we played a two round tourney, the missing pill was no big deal... unless you count the trip home.

Round 1

Mikey vs Danny

Danny's deck has gone on a diet recently. Most of his super-expensive folk are gone in favor of a more speed-type deck. Although he's only 7, he has a firm grasp of the rules and card interactions, and often reiminds us if we forget to do something.

Mikey has all heavy hitters, only two that cost less than 3 and three that cost more than 4. He had Red Tornado to help with his draws. Counting everytime we've been to Hastings, Mikey has not won a single game. (He wins at home, often against the same decks.)

Winner: Danny

Paul (me) vs Gus

Gus was playing an Ultron/Drone capture deck with some Guardians of the Galaxy thrown in. The GGs never made it into play much, maybe one of them, despite showing up with a SR Groot.

I fielded the JL team i was asking about on the strategy board, swapping U Cyborg for C Flash. Rough rolls in the beginning hampered my early strategy, but I did get a nice hit with Cyborg. My characters were blocking and getting captured because the 3 direct damage from Ultron was better than the 4A showing on the Drone die. And I had no way to deal with direct damage, only Batman to gain life, which did keep me in the game a little longer.

In the end, I attacked with all I had and used his Ultron Drone global to force a block on my weakest attacker. The damage from the plus Retaliation from Batman dropped Gus to 1 life, and I was at 4.

Next turn he sent Ultron with Hulk Out and a couple more attackers, just to rub it in. It was an epic game!

Winner: Gus

Round 2

Gus vs. Danny

From what i could hear, there was some Hulking Out on both sides, but Danny forgot about multiple blockers soaking up all the damage. Still not sure if Gus fielded any GG.

Winner: Gus

Paul (me) vs Mikey

Mikey goes for Constantine, Anti-Hero in multiples early, then Red Tormado, and tries to ramp for Superman as a closer. Except he has other cards he fogets about, and the deck plays a bit slow. But those are the characters he likes. And he's won the Fellowship award each time we've been there.

My deck unfolded just as planned. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Batman all made early appearances. Cyborg did most of the damage himself attacking alone, occasionally pumped by the global on Mikey's Anger Issues.

Winner: Paul (me)

Overall, I'm pleased with my deck's performamce, but I definately need a way to deal with direct damage!

Goodies were handed out for prizes. Everyone had a good time, amd best of all, it was a good time spent on a Family Outing.

Pics: Danny and Gus in top (sorry its the wrong way)
Mikey and me in bottom
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  1. KingMatticus's Avatar
    Hey Paul, I love the post and I can't wait for my kids to be old enough to play with me. Ones 2 and the other, unborn yet. As a teacher I was wondering how Mikey did without his meds? By this I mean, do you feel that a strategic game such as dice masters can keep the attention more than needed to compensate for the meds? Just a random question to see if I can implement it into my 4th grade classroom.
  2. Shazam's Avatar
    Thanks for the comment! Mikey needs prompts and the occasional redirect, even with the meds. He is very distractable. There are big screen TVs on the walls of Hastings and we need to seat Mikey so he is facing away from the screens. The game itself can hold his attention in a distraction-less environment. Of course, he is much more focused with the meds.