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The Event Planner

The Event Planner - Iron Man Event

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So I decided my local gaming store needed a full day Dice Masters event, we have a decent size gaming group between 8 - 15 players, and we can knock out a constructed or draft event in an evening so I need something .... Special

After laying on the couch ( I have a busted ACL at the moment, so walking is painful) A triathlon came on the TV ... and I was hit in the back of the head by a muse

The IRON Man event was born

What is the IRON Man :- it is a full day event using the 3 styles of games that is common with in Dice Masters, Draft, Constructed and Hybrid

What do you need for the IRON Man :- A place to hold the event, 18 packs of cards (Preferable 2 sets at the most, 12 for draft and 6 for Hybrid, So pre registration is recommended), Social Media to get the word out and Someone to run it

How does it work :- It is almost a league, you take results from the 3 mini events with in the Iron Man, and assign each place points ( I am working on an 8 person event) 8 points for 1st place and 1 point for last, and then tally up the total points at the end, and the one with the most points wins

Now I have done a few things to make this more then just 3 events on the one day - I have gone out and made custom art cards for the over all winners as well as a card for everyone who attends

While I am talking about it at the moment, I havent run one of these as yet, though that will change on the 23rd of this Month, so if you are in Perth have a look at my forum post - Iron Man event info

Removed as per Cease and Desist Notice//Custom Dice Masters Cards from Wizkids

Watch this blog, because once the event is finished, I will post up photos, and a report just to let you all know how it went

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