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Cube Drafting

Cube Drafting - JL XM V - Part 2

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Back again for round number 2 of the Justice League X-MEN Villains cube draft.
The Joker die in the rainbow should actually be a Lex Luthor. So that gives us 9 characters with two dice and the rest are one of's. I'm not really happy about this, so it looks like 50 unique characters is maybe just a little bit too many. However, I'm not going to change the cube now until I get a few more rounds in.

Here's the rainbow:
Attachment 2382
As always, we randomly drew four basic action cards before the draft. transfer power and relentless.... hmm...

With the scarcity of multiples in the rainbow, I knew that I wanted to target as many of those as I could and I did just that. My son started drafting every villain he could see, and so my mouth started watering at the sight of that Lantern power ring. My son finally joined the hate drafting club and grabbed the second cerebro die out from under me.

Here's my team:
Attachment 2383

Here's his team:
Attachment 2384

Game 1:
I quickly bought up Zatanna and the flash along with the power ring. He bought his villain direct damage engine and I proceeded to abuse transfer powers global and the relentless global. Both of our life totals went down at a fairly rapid rate, but but he failed to save shields in order to counter my use of the transfer power global.
He was absolutely furious, and demanded a rematch!

Game 2:
Rinse and repeat!
Now he thinks those global change the game and shouldn't be used. (I agree... kinda)
Demanded another rematch, insisting that he can defeat me!

Game 3:
His Vengeance...
He managed to get his villain ping engine firing on all cylinders. He saved his shields, and use them to both keep my Zatanna from being knocked out, and knocking out his villains. No matter what I did, either players turn, I was taking damage to the face.

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