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The Fly - Event Planner

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Hello again, and welcome back to the second post to the Event Planner, where I will be talking about a new play style I call "The Fly"

What is the The Fly :- It is a long event, that can be either a whole day, a weekend, or even a month long event, it is designed to encourage a lot of games and people to get involved with a little bit of competition with out needing a structure

What do you need for The Fly :- A place to hold the event, a way to record all the games played, and a way to keep track of who is "The Fly" (Keep an eye here because I am creating a google doc to keep track of the games and who the fly is and turn this text into a link)

How does it work :-
Who ever is the fly at the end of the event will win something
The fly can not refuse a challenge
The fly may trade the fly card
The fly must give up the fly before they leave the store
You can't challenge the fly unless you have played the same amount of games

Some additional prizes could be longest win streak, most games won over-all, or best win/loss %

I havent gotten any plans to run this locally yet - but if anyone else does, feel free to post a reply here with how it ran for you
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