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Draft Report: Cyborg Shenanigans

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This weekend I learned exactly why Wolverine: FWT is such a powerful card, by playing with his spiritual little brother, Cyborg: Exceptionally Gifted.

I missed the boat on AvX, and while I do have Wolverine: FWT, I've never really played with him. Truth be told, I actually have not done a whole lot of constructed yet. I've always been more of a draft kind of guy. To that end, continuing my JUL gravity feed draft experience, I ran into Cyborg. To that end, here was my team:

I actually first-picked Firestorm and went complete tunnel vision. I knew I was going to run bolts as my second pack had Cheetah in it. However, once I received my opponents pack (we were only doing a two person pod) I realized that bolts were a bit lean. I started stacking up on JL members. In my opponent's second pack I picked up the only Aquaman in the pod. Cyborg happened at some point, and I honestly only snagged him for the Retaliation.

Not 100% sure what I was thinking with Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. Though I did end up using Anger Issues. Batarang was there for a bit of removal if I needed it. I had pulled Anger issues and Villainous Pact for the globals.

Just before I was going to get Firestorm out, my opponent smacked me with The Joker: Clown Prince of Crime on a level 3 face and shut down my plans. My Batarang was useless and I had no other form of removal. As soon as Firestorm was removed, it was like the blinders were off and I noticed Cyborg sitting there.

I normally don't like cards with abilities based on attacking alone, despite their wild popularity ala Wolverine. I always feel that it somewhat forces decisions on my part and I like to have more flexibility. However, I've turned the corner on that train of thought. Having an entire team that relies on that mechanic is no good, but having a card or two doesn't seem to be bad. Especially when my eyes swept across the board to see that I had Anger Issues.

Cyborg pumped to +2A for the solo attack, +3A from Anger Issues, and then +1A from Aquaman with Overcrush to seal the deal. It got brutal. I had a second Cyborg out to trigger Retaliation just in case my opponent decided they wanted to stack up on my Cyborg to help soak up some of the potential Overcrush.

I'm not going to first pick Cyborg if I see him again, but he has a solid seat on my Justice League team from hereon out. It took some setting up and wasn't super expensive but I did have to buy Cyborg(s) and Anger Issues and cycle them through. Red Tornado might have helped me out there. Still, I love Cyborg: Exceptionally Gifted.


  1. Dave's Avatar
    I'll tell you what, for some reason, I had never thought about Cyborg as a cousin of FWX... good eye there. Certainly less power, but same idea...