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Spoilers: DC Cards, Part III

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Part 1 | Part Two

It's time for more DC discussion!

We're going to take a look at everything we have and we'll give some quick thoughts on each! There is a lot of stuff and as a means of avoiding reader fatigue (and writer fatigue, to be honest) we're going to split this into multiple parts. This is part two, and so here are the next twenty.

If you missed the first two parts, you missed a lot - links to those are above.

By the way - there are a lot of images and a lot of text. We did our best to compartmentalize things as much as possible. Everything is as well aligned as it can be. Enjoy!

Martian Manhunter - Common

This is a very straightforward card. Strong attack stats and Overcrush, inviting double blockers or more depending on what is happening.

More Overcrush could invite forced blockers so they deal most of their damage but don't have to go away like an unblocked character would.

Good ol' J'onn J'onnzz is a fan-favorite and I'm pleased to see him in the starter set.

Red Tornado - Common

Again, not a lot to say here. WizKids seems to be unwilling to give us two-cost bolt character ever again.

I can understand that give the heavy direct damage focus of bolt cards; it could be a problem. But it's worth noting nonetheless. This could see play as an early buy for bolt-focused teams.

Red Tornado - Uncommon

How many times have you been in this position? Well, less so thanks to PXG, I guess, but still! Many times you're like "Sidekicks? Awwww..."

Rush up to this guy and you get some draw fixing. Match it with PXG and there are lots of interesting things that you could do.

And his stats aren't bad, though the TFC is high. Still, a potentially useful ability makes it worth it.

Shazam - Uncommon

I always hated that DC relented and renamed Captain Marvel, but oh well. Strange that one so Superman-like would be a mask, but his alter ego is a boy, so maybe that works.

The focus here is spinning up your other characters, and this is pretty neat. Instead of only impacting Shazam, this impacts everyone else, so the "level three" problem of others with a similar ability is minimized.

Sinestro - Common

I'm not huge on all the crazy chromatic corps that DC has introduced, but I love Sinestro. How did the GLC ever think he was a good guy with a name like that? He's the devil!

We see more price fixing here, and an ability to buff, but on a limited basis.

Solomon Grundy - Common

Here he is! My favorite boss fight from Arkham City.

The ability is questionably useful. I think this card is simply in the "playable" realm.

I'm very curious to see what the other forms of Grundy will take.

I wonder if he'll want pants, too?

Stargirl - Common

This is another one we had wrong, but only partly. We thought this was going to be Starman. Close!

More sidekick buffing here. I don't know this character very well so I can't speak to the thematic nature of it, but the card is reasonable in terms of stats and ability and will likely see some play, especially in teams with lots of combat tricks to get those Sidekicks through.

Also note the nonstandard fielding cost - 0/2/2.

Superman - Common 1

What's a DC set without Supes?

This one just has the new Retaliation ability. Not much else to say here.

Superman - Common II

Another straightforward ability, and very thematic. You can just attack or block with him with impunity, because nothing is going to get him.

Unless there's an ability that can just KO an attacking character.

Superman - Common III

This continues Superman's immunity streak and gives you another option for Ring of Magnetism madness.

Otherwise, again, very straightforward.

Superman - Common IV

So first, it looks like the non-starter versions of starter characters will be commons here. Good. We'll easily get enough dice. I don't know which Supes is which, but this is good.

This guy is DARNED expensive, but if you can pull it off, you can get any other justice league character for just two. Yowza! At 7S, the jury is out, but I like this in theory.

Swamp Thing - Common

This is another die that I hadn't identified, though if I'd listened to my wife, I would have known. Sorry, honey.

Swamp Thing can't be chump blocked, at least not by Sidekicks. I like the possibilities that any kind of blocker control tends to open up, because it impacts what and how other things will be blocked. This is no exception.

Vibe - Common

Look, I'm a DC guy and I have noidea who this is. I'm sure someone out there is a fan. However, after looking him up, his ability is pretty thematic. He delivers shock waves.

However, this is not an easy character to KO. And his stats swing wildlyfrom 3/3 to 7/7. This is a cool concept but with a high TFC and low stat consistency, I'm not sure I like him. However, if you're dealing with a wall of sidekicks and can KO him with an ability, it could be a strategy.

Vixen - Common

Not the cheapest blank mask character we've seen, but she fields inexpensively. She's just "playable" at this point, nothing special. I think her purchase cost is too high.

Vixen - Rare

... Especially when you could pay one less to get the same character with an ability.

In general, unless you need to keep her on the field for some reason, I don't see the benefit of keeping a maximum 3/3 character alive, but the purchase cost is a little better if you need masks.

Wonder Woman - Common I

And here we have one of the best parts of team affiliation - price fixing within factions. And hey - another good Shield character!

She's not expensive to buy or field, and the ability certainly helps you field other characters. She'd take a TFC 6 character down to TFC 3 just by being there. She'll see time in lots of Justice League theme teams.

Wonder Woman - Common II

How about this? She - in concert with another Justice League character - will make your Sidekicks into the ultimate chump blockers.

She provides an excellent reason to field sidekicks (other than getting them out of rotation), as with her, they'll be able to stop anything, even if it has Overcrush - remember that the mechanism is dependent on KO'ing the character, not just beating its toughness.

Zatanna - Common I

Pretty straightforward churn here. Expect to see people cycling her on and off the field as a means of churn.

This is a good card and the cost is just about right. Cheap to field, cheap to buy.

Thematic? You bet it is - the magician Zatanna is pulling a rabbit out of her hat with this one.

Zatanna - Common II

Another interesting ability for this Zatanna. I have to assume that the wording means you can reroll those sidekicks one additional time, because that's the only thing that makes sense.

I don't like this more than the other Zatanna we reviewed, but she could have her uses.


We've covered characters, but we stillhave to talk about Basic Actions! Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!
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  1. Okami31 imported's Avatar
    I thought that vanilla Vixen was horrible, but didn't realize how horrible.

    It's Cryokinetic all over again but worse!
  2. Dr. Blasphemy imported's Avatar
    Sinestro comes from the word sinister, which means 'left hand', which he is.
  3. Cameron Lapp imported's Avatar
    What happened to the exciting conclusion? I want to hear your analysis of the Basic Actions!
  4. Stephen Mitchell imported's Avatar
    To your point about the Vixen - Rare: she's a great blocker especially against those with Overcrush. I would use this. A lot.

    Wonder Woman - Common helps you buy Superman: Man of Steel for 6, who (when fielded) in turn helps you buy another Wonder Woman for 2...I call that great teamwork! Given their relationship status, it's nice to see their cards working well together. There's another combo these two have that works well together:
    There's a Wonder Woman card (can't remember the name) that forces villains to block another attacking character while Superman - LSoK takes no damage in the attack step. It's Wonder Woman saying, "Oh, you want to fight? Well you'll have to go through HIM first!"

    This set has me SUPER excited and April can't come soon enough! I'm bypassing D&D; to make sure I have plenty of money to spend on DC Dice Masters.