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First Turn Advantage Possible Solutions...

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I believe it's pretty universal that the first turn advantage in Dice Masters is rather significant. The actual number will very a bit based on the type of teams playing each other and if PXG is involved, but it's always better than 50% and realistically it's better than 65% (i.e. the player that goes first will win at least 65% of the games as opposed to 50% that you'd expect on an even playing field).

Magic the Gathering had the same problem to a lesser extent and they changed the rules to address this. Dice Masters is way worse and we've yet to see any significant change (first player can't attack first turn is the only rule on this, arguably pointless since it's had no meaningful effect on the win rate). So I'd like to propose some options with pros/cons and see what people think.

1) First player doesn't get a reroll on the first turn.
Pros: Simple
Cons: Depending on the first roll it could have no effect at all making 1st turn advantage just a coin toss again

2) Second player preps a die at the start of the game
Pros: Simple, gives the 2nd player a bit of a bump
Cons: Effects bag flow and may top to the 2nd player having an advantage since they get a refill on their 2nd turn and 5 energy on the 1st

3) First player starts with 1 die in the "out of play" area and draws only 3 dice on the first turn
Pros: Slight nerf to first player with out changing the contents of the bag
Cons: Slightly more complicated

4) Game doesn't end as soon as someone goes to 0 life or below, instead game ends after someone goes to 0 or below and each has had a turn. Game is then decided on who has the least amount of life.
Pros: Ensures both sides have equal turns
Cons: Major change in how the last turns would be played, swing for lethal only works if you make sure they can't swing back for more

5) Life bid - each player holds a number of sidekick dice (max 8) in their hand and reveals. The player with the most dice loses that much life and goes first. On a tie, roll off - put the player that wins the roll off must still lose the life that was bid.
Pros: Semi-interseting?
Cons: Could lead to 8 life bids because going first may be more important than your life total for your team

Thoughts? Any other ideas? My favorite is #3. Subtle, but may be just enough to make going first not ideal in every situation.
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  1. Bobcat110's Avatar
    Where is your data to support this? how many games do you have recorded to come up with a 65% 1st turn win rate?

    That being said, I do think that the player going first is an advantage, but 65%!!!!!!!
  2. bahamut7's Avatar
    Wizkids amended the rules after Nationals to reduce 1st turn advantage. Player with 1st turn cannot attack on that turn. This prevents an easy 4 points of damage from going through.
  3. adam123's Avatar
    I think 65% sounds about right for first player win percentage. At my own local events where we generally have about 8-10 people, it is not uncommon for all first players to win in a round. I would put the win % for first player at least at 65%. For myself, I would say my win/loss percentage since the 1 game/round for going first is probably 90% wins, and my win rate for going 2nd I would put at about 25% at best.

    I personally like options 4 and 5 the best. I really have to say I don't enjoy playing competitively at all anymore since the 1 game/round rule was instituted, unless I just don't give a hoot about winning.
  4. SarkhanMad's Avatar
    #4 is similar to how baseball is played. The home team (actually player 2) gets last at bat.

    So basically:
    If player 1 brings player 2 to zero, then player 2 gets one more turn.
    If player 2 brings player 1 to zero, the game is over. (A walk off)