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Make it Meta | Deadman Is Turning out of His Grave

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Hello and welcome back everyone. It's been a bumpy week, but we're sticking to the plan and that means we're here to make a reasonable team to put Deadman on in order to Make it Meta. Off the Meta made it very clear that Deadman isn't a win condition unto himself, but we can at least set up a team that can use his specific talents.

Per the standard format, first thing is first so we must look through each of his 3 versions for which will work the best on a team. We want to make a team that can win, and while Deadman isn't a win condition himself, he can be used to allow other characters to become better win conditions, so that's what we'll be judging him by.

  • Heavy semi-permanent removal
  • Medium stall and combat control
  • Refielding and character protection

As much as I like the ability to abuse refielding characters, that strategy demands BEWD in order to work and that breaks the solid "Single Rare" rule and also the unwritten "No Hyper-Meta Cards" rule. Because of that, I think the common Deadman is going to suit us best. If we're worried about control, I don't want to go halfway, but rather remove the target nearly permanently. Given that Deadman - Boston Brand is built for single target control, we're going to be building around that concept. To compliment Deadman's control, we'll be bringing even more to the table in the forms of Dr. Doom - Reed Richard's Rival and Wonder Man - Ionic Energy. These two characters fit perfectly into the control archtype and give me answers to strategies that Deadman doesn't quite touch such as sidekicks and fieldswarm.


Here we have the beginnings of a heavy control/ team, but we need somewhere to take it. We already have 2 villains, so that's a great direction to build. Black Manta - Deep Sea Deviant is going to cement our villainous ways and fits perfectly alongside Green Goblin - Goblin Lord who will keep our sidekicks alive through Dr. Doom's evil schemes. This is a great setup, but we need to send it over the top. Presently we have no way to get knockouts and trigger retaliation and as I mentioned earlier, BEWD isn't a real option for this format so we'll have to get creative. Instead, we're going to be bringing Phoenix for her ability to drag my opponent out of their field and into the waiting arms of my Wonder Men or other villains and serving the double purpose of sending characters to used as well as getting us our retaliation knockouts.


Finally, we're confronted with one major problem: we have multiple characters that rely on being active and have no protection from our opponent's abilities, or even our own Phoenix global. To fix the issue, we'll be recruiting the always in fashion Human Paladin in order to protect ourselves and with the -heavy composition and the recent buff of his global against Jocasta, we'll also be putting his global to good use. Beyond mere protection, though, we have a lot of high cost characters in terms of both purchasing and fielding costs. To pay for this extravagant excess, we're going to bring the final shield character for our team, Sangan - Zealous Supporter. He's going to provide us with a cheap shield character who also provides a ridiculous amount of ramp and even knockouts if we are persistent with our use of the Phoenix global. That said, Sangan is situational in that he only helps while he's on the board and I have character dice in used. For the times when this is not the case, we'll be doubling up on ramp globals by bringing both Villainous Pact and Resurrection. With our surplus of shields, Ressurection is going to be an easy global to abuse and Villainous pact is strong on any team that includes 2+ villains.

Full Team

This team is built around the idea of keeping your opponent's characters off the field. You can trade in your life to pull out your opponent's board and send it to used and once you have Wonder Man on the board, you don't even need to take the hits. While you're controlling your opponent's field you're also setting up a pretty nasty burn condition and ramp setup by setting up so many villains. By biding your time, you're constantly strengthening your field while keeping your opponent from doing the same and eventually you'll be able to swing in for lethal after your opponent has suffered enough attrition. Even if they do manage to get a wall up, Villainous Pact will get you through for as much damage as you please, especially if you take the time to remove any villains they have fielded. With all your shields, you should be able to ramp to your heavy control characters without issue and once you have, you can make certain that your opponent is paralyzed by your relentless assault.

Thank you all for following along. Things are progressing quickly here on The Reserve Pool and I've never been more excited for the future of the site. Even more so, Monday's Off the Meta has me over the moon about a character and I'm impatient to share her with you all. Thank you so much for reading along and have a great day everybody.
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