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Ben's Top Tens - 6 Cost Characters.

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Hey guys and welcome to my new section on The Reserve Pool. This regular series will take a look at ten of the best competitive cards of a particular type.

For today's top ten I was inspired by a conversation had on the other (semi)regular DiceMasters podcast - Dice Anon - about the place Super Rare Magneto had in the current meta. On the podcast they argued that it was one of the best 6 cost characters in the current game, top 5 without a shadow of a doubt.

I'd like to make it clear that I do not dislike Zombie Magneto, and I don't own the card so haven't used it my self. But I don't think that it's anywhere near the top 5 best 6 costs, he doesn't win you the game and by the time you can effectively ramp to him your opponent has probably done what they needed to have done with their under 3 cost characters.
So what would I rather spend my 6 energy on? Let's take a look.

1. Hulk: Green Goliath
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Without a doubt the scariest card to come up against in any format is, appropriately, Hulk. It's stats are some of the best in the game (second best on this list) and with so many ways to trigger his ability (the Magic Missile global being the easiest) it won't take much to clear your opponents field. There's very little an opponent can do about Hulk apart from get it off the field as quickly as possible.
This spot is specifically going to Green Goliath, the uncommon, as his versatility and sheer brutality makes him useful in all situations. However a mention for the best way to get rid of this Hulk, the starter set Hulk, Jade Giant. Who just missed out on this list because of the cost it takes to make him an effective board clear.

2. Jinzo: Trap Destroyer
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Despite the distinct lack of useful global abilities in Age of Ultron the rise of action dice continues, Hulk Out, Nasty Plot, Ready to Rocket! and The Oppression Begins are all excellent additions. Pair that with all the team making globals and game winning actions from the previous sets and it becomes pretty obvious the power of the rare Jinzo.
If your opponent uses ten globals or action dice while Jinzo is active they lose. That's it. Simple. Bring Prof X, churn up to Jinzo then laugh as your opponent can't do anything except hope. Add to that the fielding cost of 4, okay defence and a top level 7 attack and the fact that it doesn't trigger your opponents Hulk then hot damn you've got yourself a game changer, if not a game winner all on his own. That's what you need in a 6 cost.

3. Doctor Strange: Master of the Mystic Arts
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Two damage for doing something, or your opponent doing something seems to be my sweet spot. This uncommon Doctor Strange has the best top level stats of any dice on this list and he is a dice that makes your game plan so clear and easy. Get him out and it's only a matter of time before your opponent dies.
As discussed above action dice are a big part of this game. Consider using Gearing Up, roll two extra dice that turn and do two damage. Or how about a Prismatic Spray? Shut down your opponents characters and do two damage. Millennium Puzzle, get rid of a character to used, and do two damage. Or my personal favourite Magic Missile, do two damage and do two damage. Brutal. The fact that he doesn't force you to hit your opponent as well is always a bonus.

4. Venom: Angelo Fortunato
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Clearing your opponents field is probably the easiest way to guarantee a severe amount of damage to your opponent. That's why Green Goliath is so good. But how about denying your opponent a chance to even get their board set up in the first place? No sidekicks at a minimum, along with whatever other characters have less than 2 defence, that's pretty tough for your opponent. Especially if you can control your opponents ramp early on.
Aside from that a minus two attack will probably blunt your opponents win condition considerably, especially with the emphasis on combat damage in the AoU. That common Namor doesn't look so scary with an attack of 1, 2 or 3. Uncommon Thanos at 3, 5 and 7 is also a lot more manageable.
The character is so good that WizKids had to put in a global that actually hurts the character. Your opponent can easily spin down your Venom off his burst face, but changing your Venom from a 6,6 to a 5,5 or 4,4 is no big deal compared to spinning down your opponents Giant Man, Wolverine or Ultron Drone.
This is the card I hate being used against me the most.

5. Red-Eyes B. Dragon: Inferno Fire Blast
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A vastly underrated card in all his forms. Two energy on all your bolts is amazing, but doesn't win you the game. The common can easily win you the game. Get four sidekicks out, field this bad boy and that's a +8 attack bonus. If your opponent has any sidekicks out, which they inevitably will that's just more money.
He helps clear up an unfavourable board and add something like Dimension Door, or get him early enough and he becomes a massive problem. He also completely nullifies the power of a Gobby or Flying Sidekicks deck. He also preps all those sidekicks for you, so use someone like him in rotation with a rare Namor and you could be getting what is effectively a PXG global use that your opponent can't.
Using him alone as an attacker I've managed to do a whopping 21 damage in one go, and technically the most attack Red Eyes can get up to without any other bonuses is 39 attack. Just wow.

6. Spider-Man: The Amazing
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A guaranteed way to do half your opponents life? Yes please.
This promo is the most reliable way to rid your opponent of lots of life, and it doesn't even count as doing damage, useful for avoiding Hulk retribution. It's pricey and can't exactly kill your opponent, but can be easily used and then distracted. But even if you don't use distraction Spider Man costs max one to field.
Not quite as efficient as the old Spiderbomb team but can also do his attack damage to the opponent if let through. Amazing.

7. Wolverine: Canucklehead
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Arguably the most agressive character in the Marvel universe produces arguably the best agressive character in Dice Masters.
It's the rare version that gets a lot of buzz on the interwebs, but my favourite is the simple super rare. Unblockable, a guaranteed minimum of 5 damage, get him out four times and you win. It's a countdown timer and guarantees a win. The only defence against it is distraction, because it won't really be in the long enough for your opponent to knock it out.
Its' downside? Well it's not a very effective blocker. But if you're using Wolverine why would you ever be defensive anyway?

8. Thousand Dragon: Noxious Vapor Gust
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Quadrant Theory, as established for DiceMasters, tells us to evaluate cards in four different states. One of those (probably the most difficult to grasp for new players) is that of parity. I would argue that this card is the best 'in parity' card in any set. Getting out Thousand Dragon, when both and your opponent are equally balanced, is devastating.
What Thousand Dragon does is break the game in your favour. Usually when you attack with a character, and your opponent blocks, both attacker and defender either go to the prep area or back to the field. This is okay for your opponent because they get a chance to roll those dice next turn. Not with Thousand Dragon. Any of your attackers that your opponent doesn't want to get through will have to be blocked very carefully otherwise those dice will go straight to used.
Couple Thousand Dragon with some high attack low cost characters, Goblin Attack Force? And a way to churn Thousand Dragon through a few times, Blue Eyes Global? and you've got yourself a may of really restricting your opponent's ability to stabilize (and that's just with examples from within set). An awesome parity breaking card.

9. Green Lantern: Willpower
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Another great card that breaks parity is the uncommon Green Lantern. Running into games of walls of characters vs walls of characters? Well how about making all of your characters so much stronger than your opponents? Yes please.
If you have even one character more than your opponent you are doing a minimum of 3 damage to your opponent. Get some unblock-able characters in with that and the amount of bonus attacking power you can do is frightening. Take the uncommon Robin, at bottom level he does 4 unblock-able damage, or maybe the common/ uncommon Flash, bottom level that's 5 points of unblock-able damage. At top level the Flash would be a 7/7.
Lantern himself doesn't receive the bonus himself but for a total fielding cost of 3, 1 on every face, and okay attacking stats of his own he is easy to cycle, or keep in the field. Lantern is a game winner, and relies on little else to do so except characters in the field.

10. Thor: God of Thunder
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Just like Red Eyes the uncommon Thor from AvX can get mad attack bonuses. It's a fantasy but with a possible 20 fist characters in your opponents field this dice could become an 88/88 on top level. It'll never happen but three fist characters in your opponents field, and a bonus of +12/+12? That's really do-able. Give it Dimension Door on top level and that's a one hit kill.
The only reason this card didn't make it higher up on my list is because it's so reliant on your opponent having fists, but then with four of the characters on this list and my number 11 (Ultron with his drones) all being fist characters it's likely that you'll see some in your opponents team.


So that's my take on the top ten 6 cost characters as we have it in the current meta. What do you guys think? Any changes you would make? Am I wrong to leave out Zombie Magneto? How about the Avenger ruining promo Scarlet Witch? Who is the worst 6 cost character in the set (super rare Captain Universe for me).


Here's a quick update, just before the release of FUS of my new top ten 6 cost characters:

1. Hulk: Green Goliath
2. Jinzo: Trap Destroyer
3. Magneto: Magnetic Monster
4. Venom: Angelo Fortunato
5. Red-Eyes B. Dragon: Inferno Fire Blast
6. Spider-Man: The Amazing
7. Wolverine: Canucklehead
8. Thousand Dragon: Noxious Vapor Gust
9. Mysterio: Dr. Ludwig Rinehart
10. Green Lantern: Willpower

As you can see, I finally got a copy of Zombie Magneto, and I take back everything I said about it. He is brutal. Also included is Mysterio, based on an outstanding global. Off falls Doctor Strange, due to some cheaper alternatives, and Thor, just because someone had to go.

Thanks for reading and let me know if there are any other top tens you would like to see.
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  1. pk2317's Avatar
    I'd point out with Thor that "character" refers to unique character, not character die. So it would be a maximum of 8 opposing characters for +32 (still extremely implausible).

    Also Venom's Global can't affect Giant-Man (he's a character).

    Still, this is a really solid top-10 list, I do agree with most of these. The main reason Zombie Magneto is so "good" is because he shuts down a lot of the meta-defining cards (Tsarina, Gobby, even Ultron Drone that you refer to often here).
  2. vonVile's Avatar
    Hyperion: Atomic Vision is looking to crack the Top 10. All he needs is a little assistance to get him to be a beast. All you need to do is have Wonder Woman: Warrior Princess Active plus either Pandora's Box or any Iron Man for their Villain global and you have Hyperion doing 8/10/12 attack.
  3. Ressless's Avatar
    I must interfere, Wolverine - The Best There is would suit it better here i think. woudl do 10/12/16 :P with just the Drone Global and Overcrush!
  4. BenSaidScott's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ressless
    I must interfere, Wolverine - The Best There is would suit it better here i think. woudl do 10/12/16 :P with just the Drone Global and Overcrush!
    Wolverine is not a 6 cost character. However he will likely be getting a mention in my top 5 cost characters, coming soon.
  5. BenSaidScott's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317
    I'd point out with Thor that "character" refers to unique character, not character die. So it would be a maximum of 8 opposing characters for +32 (still extremely implausible).

    Also Venom's Global can't affect Giant-Man (he's a character).

    Still, this is a really solid top-10 list, I do agree with most of these. The main reason Zombie Magneto is so "good" is because he shuts down a lot of the meta-defining cards (Tsarina, Gobby, even Ultron Drone that you refer to often here).
    Having played him a lot more recently and with the newer sets that have come out I will confirm that Zombie Magneto would be moved significantly up this list. He is so annoying to play against.