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I Ran a Pretty Sweet Event the Other Weekend

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So, at the store I judge at (Victory Comics in Falls Church, VA), I created a format for an event we were having, with ultra OP-card prize kits for 1st-10th or so places, with 1st getting almost 15 or so, mostly prize, not participation, Marvel OP cards from the first OP set released, from what we've had left over, since we're just not really getting into running events weekly.

I figured that Dice Masters is already cheaper than drafting or doing a sealed in Magic or HeroClix, and it WAS a super large prize pool, so it wasn't totally unreasonable to have a slightly higher buy in.

First of all, it was a hybrid where you could bring 2 cards with a max 6 dice spread between them, with no minimum or maximums other than what the card says (so you could do 2-4, 3-3, whatever), and on your final team after drafting, you have to at least keep 4 dice from the 6 with the two cards, spread how you like, and can add dice to the cards if you pull them. You had to choose one BAC (from any set) before making your team, along with your two cards you brought with, and then could choose you second after drafting. We used Age of Ultron, and thank God had BARELY just enough.

Basically, each person bought 21 packs (three in the prize pool), with 8 people showing up (always an even number so I don't get to play, lol ). Then, everyone opened six random packs at a time, three times, making three stacks of twelve cards, and not putting the dice in the middle quite yet. After each random stack of 12 cards was made, everyone looked through each of their three stacks, and chose one to keep, along with its corresponding dice, putting it, along with the 12 dice, aside, and then everyone sorted the dice in the middle to start a regular Rainbow Draft. One stack passed left, one stack passed right, and then everyone got the corresponding 24 more dice from the middle, and made their teams, including the one BAC and two character/action cards, with a minimum of four dice between them, choosing another BAC after drafting/making their team.

People tended to like the base they got to keep, because it gave people the opportunity to really have almost, if not fully, 20 dice, and have fully fleshed out, more thought out teams, as well. Also, spending $21+6% sales tax is still cheaper than a two pack HeroClix, or whatever it is for Magic, draft or sealed. Everyone honestly had a good time, with I'd say only one person unhappy at the pack they kept, but that's as much a product of making a poor choice, as anything else, as most people loved it - especially the newer dude who made the same mistake we all have, and drafted one of each different card, not thinking about stacking up on dice; he was pleasantly surprised when he was able to look at the 12 he kept and it had some matching dice of what he drafted, lol.

Anyway, at the store, I play just one game in 40 minute rounds, which then go to turns, and if nobody is at 0 life at the end of those five turns, with the person whose turn it is when time is called being turn zero, it's a tie game. I'd like to do 2/3 rounds, but I'd want to give it at least 50 minutes, and even then, there's usually 1-2 games that do barely finish just one game, so it's been working so far not doing 2/3... when we've tried that, it was rushed and a lot of rounds weren't decided by the winner of 2/3 games.

I just really hate the concept of the person with more life winning when time/turns is out, because life is a resource in this game, and until it hits zero, you and your opponent are absolutely equal - it just completely discourages more types of team building, such as using the Silver Surfer Global, because your opponent could play more just to stall while you're at a little less health until it goes to turns, rather than having to go for the win.

Anyway, I thought I'd share what was a pretty sweet event, that everyone really enjoyed, and the weird little format that I made for it.

Sorry for my anything but concise style of typing.


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    That sounds like a lot of fun!