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Make it Meta | Vibe's Having a Blast

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Hello and welcome back everybody. It's time once more for me to bring you a special look into how to make this week's off-meta champion into a real team player. That's right, Make it Meta is here to show you exactly how I'd use and abuse Vibe. (and I'll admit, I've pulled a bit of a bait and switch since I opened up this week on Off the Meta)

To start us off, we must first determine which of Vibe's three characters to focus on this week. This was the turning point as I had originally planned to use a rarer version of the character, but decided against it as I further considered how I wanted to build.

  • Unreliable, pure AoE
  • Bolt-focused, "safe" AoE
  • Spin-conditional, damage control

All Vibes have very powerful stats for their costs, but the Vibe that's going to best serve our team is going to be the uncommon, Vibe - Paco. While building, we just have to be sure to setup a focused team and we'll get very good use out of him, especially since he's only going to be hurting out opponent as opposed to ourself with the whole field as collateral damage. Since we're intending to burn our opponent to death with his ability, we're going to bring along Pyro's global in order to roll as many bolt dice as we can. He's going to allow us to draw and roll many Bolt characters as we can and each time we roll a double bolt is going to clear the field and hurt our opponent, combining control and burn into one healthy package. Finally, we're going to want a cheap character to buy up and use to fuel Vibe's ability and possibly swing in when the field is clear enough. For that we're going to pick up S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents - Need to Know Basis. They're a cheap and powerful 2- purchase that are going to allow us to roll them over and over, all the while providing removal against any opposing Avenger dice (WizKids wording at it again, now with 100% more ruling!).


With this core of removal and burn damage, we have an idea of how we want to win: burn down our opponent while keeping the field nice and clear via Vibe's effect and so focusing on 's. Given that we're only triggering Vibe on 1/3 character die faces, I want a character that can survive Vibe's AoE and also give us something for our troubles when we inevitably roll character faces. The clear standout in this case is Firestorm - Jason & Ronnie for added burn and clear energy synergy. However, there's another character that also suits nearly as well and gives us a bit more punch for when the field is clear enough: Iceman - Mister Friese (We're Too Cool For the Starter). He's consistently going to be a 5+ attacker for very cheap and with enough defenses to survive Vibe's most violent ministrations. To make the Vibe burn as silly as possible, we're also going to be bringing Human Torch - Matchstick, that's right, the 3-cost. Whenever we field a character, we're going to be rolling him from our used pile and either triggering our Vibe or getting another body on the field for Firestorm and Iceman to proc.


Finally, we need a non-bolt purchase or two for those moments where we roll poorly. Off the top of my head, I know that I want Human Paladin for his wonderful global protection and the global that barely effects us. Especially now that his global is one of the few defenses against Jocasta, having him on the board is going to be a very important piece of our defense against certain matchups. When it comes to our last character slot, I want a big beatstick that I can buy when I successfully roll all these double bolt faces I'm building into. To fill that niche, I'm going to bring along Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Blue Titan; a literal monster of a character, he not only has the coveted 6/7/8 attack, but also removes a character when attacking, allowing me to clear off the last pesky defender or two before swinging in since all the chump blockers will have been dealt with by Vibe's effect.

With all of our character slots filled, we're left with a few great options to take up our BAC's. Right off the bat I know I'm going to be bringing Horn of the Unicorn in order to give myself access to the global it provides and the fact that we're going to have a lot of powerful characters with our opponent having limited blockers and reduced defenses. That kind of synergy is too good to pass up and can get us lethal multiple turns ahead of our burn curve. I'd also like to bring along Casualties for some lifegain, but Vibe doesn't really work very well for that since he knocks all sidekicks out in a single instance, granting you a single life for your investment. Instead we're going to top it all off with Nasty Plot for the extra prep and extra double energy faces to trigger Vibe. Gearing Up would allow us to get a slightly more speedy setup going, but Nasty Plot allows us to get a reroll on the dice we draw which can be instrumental for getting the oh-so-important Vibe procs that we're looking for.

Full Build

The overall plan is to get vibe out early and start picking up characters to fuel his effect. Firestorm is a great pickup if you can ramp your way to him by fielding sidekicks that get KO'd by Vibe or by using your opponent's ramp globals. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents are your main source of cheap procs and can be detrimental to any sort of team with Avengers members. Human Torch works wonderfully once you get both burn effects setup and Iceman is the perfect beatstick for the team, survivng the heavy AoE and getting crazy stats whenever you get a chance to field a character. Your BAC's are there as flex buys for when you inevitably fail to roll bolts, but the team is designed to function in a low-economy environment and it may not be the best idea to clutter the bag with dice that can only ever roll generic energy. I considered bringing Manticore - Paragon Beast on-board, but having two heavy cost characters that rely on the same trigger makes the team too 'boom or bust' and our rare slot is better spent on the newly buffed S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents since they can consistently proc Vibe and act as removal in their own right. Pyro's global really draws this team together and can function as a more powerful Resurrection effect in order to refill your bag at the right times due to its double draw mechanic. Altogether, Vibe makes a great team leader that would make Cyclops proud.

That's all for Vibe, but next week has us finishing off DC after which we'll returning to a random collection of all the sets. Just in time, too, since WoL is just around the corner and once it drops, we're going to spend a similar period looking into AoU now that its meta has had time to settle. Hopefully by then the colon codes for AoU will work, but we'll have to wait and see. Thank you all for reading along and I hope you've enjoyed this quirky amalgam of characters!
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  1. ninjahonor's Avatar
    I'm always enthralled how you come up with these teams as some of the combos I have never even considered. matchstick and vibe? Not a thought...I imagine you sitting in a room meditating with all your cards around you and your hands slowly guide you to the team you are looking for, kinda like a ouija board.

    Once again, thanks for the article!
  2. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ninjahonor
    I'm always enthralled how you come up with these teams as some of the combos I have never even considered. matchstick and vibe? Not a thought...I imagine you sitting in a room meditating with all your cards around you and your hands slowly guide you to the team you are looking for, kinda like a ouija board.

    Once again, thanks for the article!
    It's great to see that I'm working with combos that are far enough from the meta not to be considered. Matchstick in particular has always been in the back of my mind, but there's very few ways to use him properly since there's better effects and statlines to use if I just want to get characters out of used. Putting him on this team just fits so well since we're built to profit every time we roll characters, so there's practically no downside to him.

    I always enjoy using characters no one's really considered and next week is going to take that to the extreme with the next character in line