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Strange Dude

Smash - overlooked action of the past might well be the star of today!

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So here's an action that we all own sitting at the back of our dice masters binder feeling unloved and unplayed. I think though that may be this card now has a chance to shine!

First let's look at that global - pay fist target blocked character deals no damage. Ok now have a think about Overcrush look at the global, look at Overcrush, for 1 fist this global stops Overcrush in its tracks. Yes yes I know there are counters there are for everything but while your opponent is setting that up you can concentrate on your own win condition.

Now the action it's self KO a level 1 character or **KO a 1 or 2 in itself not great but now have a look at pepper Potts uncommon (when fielded spin down two opponent characters down by one level) or any of the other multitude of ways of spinning opponents characters down and Smash becomes a good spot removal tool.

In short give Smash some attention and it may reward you.
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  1. Adimantium10's Avatar
    My favorite? Using it to keep an annoying "when fielded" effect character in the field to avoid more fields.