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Spider-Bomb Defused

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WizKids now has an errata sectionin their Dice Masters forum. And in that section is this errata:

This is only a band-aid on the problem of player one advantage and the abuse of the Professor X global that makes it all possible - the Iceman team is still plenty fast, for example - but it is certainly an interesting step to take. This isn't the only team that gets a quick kill, but it is one of the easiest and has been softened quite a bit.

It's still good! But it's not the killer it was. You have a little more time to counter it.
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  1. Andy imported's Avatar
    OK, I guess I can see what they mean but it would be nice if the card actually said that.
  2. Dave imported's Avatar
    Well, yeah, but that's what an errata is for. I get your meaning though.
  3. Andy imported's Avatar
    Right, it is just that this card correction seems to not be mentioned at all in the card where as the others seem more like clarification to make them easier to understand.
  4. Dave imported's Avatar
    Oh totally. I think this is a reasonable change but is only a bandaid on the larger issues.
  5. Dr. Blasphemy imported's Avatar
    I don't get why they wrote it the way they did in the first place. It would have made prefect sense if they just changed "opponent's life" to "Spider-man's attack."

    Also with Joker about to be in the mix, his ability to block characters from even being fielded is a good neutralized for Spider Bomb. Its just a matter of who gets who out first.

    PS - Did WK say fists must be paid the same way Pyro can only use bolts to use his ability and not "?".
  6. Jared Wood imported's Avatar
    Paying for an ability (Spider-Man) and looking for a desired result (Pyro) are two different things. When Pyro's rare attacks, you're looking specifically for bolts, not '?' sides. Spider-Man has you paying a cost, so you're still able to use '?' for it - no change there.

    Joker isn't anything new - his ability and cost are identical to Loki - Gem Keeper from AVX. While someone can purchase either on Turn 2, you can't guarantee a Turn 3 fielding of that character. Even then, you have to be going first, which is the big issue that currently stands with these teams - whoever goes first gets to play their stuff on Turn 3 against an almost-empty board, which means these fast teams that win on Turns 3-5 have a huge advantage going first.
  7. Chio imported's Avatar
    Yeah ... the problem with first player advantage has never been what happens on turn 1... its always been what happens on turn 3. The no attacks on turn 1 rulling really makes no difference to that at all.

    Should that be moved to no attacks before second player turn 3?? Dont know how that would work... but I hate restrictions like that.

    I just wonder if nobody playtested this kind of build, or if they were playtesting it as if this was its text. In which case they really need a rules lawyer in house... because their testers rules interpretations are really not up to it.