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joshaber's blog: nova is kinda OP

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anyone who has considered using rare nova, then, i say YES. with a well built team this card is op. this is what i have. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	3041 the plan is to buy Kobold's and keep swarming, and then use ice man to flip sidekicks to bolts and buy a nova, when you get nova out, attack every turn. use doomcaliber knight global and ice man to keep bolting nova with magic missile and constantly dealing tons of damage. Its fool proof! no it isn't. This team has many pros and a few cons, like they could leave nova unblocked. If your opponent have polymorph and distraction they just helped you win the game. What do you guys think? yes i made the different art Professor X and Nova. please leave feedback on how i could make the team better. Thanks for reading!
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  1. Randy's Avatar
    For one, you can't use the DCK global AND ping Nova. DCK says he can't be the target of action dice or card abilities. Globals are card abilities.

    Another, is you don't even need to attack with Nova. All it says is when he takes damage in the attack step. Attack with a sidekick or Kobold, and ping your non-attacking Nova while in the attack step.

    I've been working on a few ideas with this Nova lately. I think one trick is going to be making sure you have full ramp with PXG. That might mean buying the 1 cost Morphing Jar for the masks. I'm not entirely sure on that yet. But using PXG and Kobolds might be overkill. And you definitely want PXG.
  2. joshaber's Avatar
    oh ok. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. kaywillow's Avatar
    Since you don't have to have the SKs in your reserve pool to be able to change them with the Iceman global (added to the fact that my husband hates to give the opponent ramp), what about using Rally instead of Cone of Cold? And then you could switch out Professor X for a bolt character like common Cheetah or Johnny Storm. You'd get more bolts going and be able to load your field with the SK chumps/bolt fodder without bringing PXG to your opponent. I love Kobolds for ramp, and I've been playing around with this Nova, too. Fun to see other folks thinking of similar stuff! With PXG, I definitely agree with Randy on the good ol' Morphing Jar or other mask character.