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Draft Report: Making Abin Sur proud.

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Was able to draft WoL twice this weekend.

First and foremost: Big Entrance. I absolutely love this BAC. Purchase it turn 1 with a 80% chance to draw it on turn 2. Absolutely nuts. If you are running Resurrection and can hit a or ? on turn 1, you can make it a 100% chance of drawing it on Turn 2 and get yourself some prep. This lead me into the second happening of my games ~

Indigo-1: Iroque 4 (1/2/4) (1/3/5) (1/4/5) While Munk is active, Indigo-1 gets +2A and +2D.
Munk: Empath 2 (1/2/2) (1/3/2) (1/3/3) While Indigo-1 is active, Munk gets +2A and +2D.

Two drafts I went 2:0 with this combo. It's so very nasty. Because they are commons, I ended up with 2 or more of each dice. Turn 1: Big Entrance with a Ressurection. Turn 2: I hit Big Entrance and buy a Munk and Indigo-1 that go straight into my bag. Because my bag is empty, I have a 100% chance of drawing both of them Turn 3. Provided I don't roll Sidekicks and they both hit their character faces, I field them on Turn 3. If one of them hits an energy face, I can work towards another Munk. Second draft didn't go so smoothly because we did in-set only, so I had to ditch Resurrection for Lethal Force.

I am not a huge fan of the TFC. Especially on Munk. Matter of fact, Munk by himself is terrible as far as I am concerned, even if he is only a 2 cost character. However, it is stable. You know that, no matter what, you'll be paying 1 for either of them should they field.

This combo also continuously threw my opponent off balance because they were constantly having to factor in which was on the field at what time and got what bonus.

I'm not saying it was firewall, or even really a win condition. It was just a great bit of symbiosis. I still had to get them through on the attack.

The other part was Lyssa Drak.

Uncommon: Future Sight - While Lyssa Drak is active, at the beginning of your opponent's turn, name a character. Your opponent must pay 2 life to field that character die.
Rare: Fear of the Unknown - When Lyssa Drak attacks, you may draw a die from your opponent's bag and swap it with a die from the Used Pile or return it to the bag.

I ran the Uncommon in both rounds, and it's honestly what won me the game. Indigo-1 and Munk were my beat-stick, but Lyssa closed the door.

The Rare was actually brought against me, and put a serious hurtlock on my flow. Every time she attacked I let it through so she would go to the used pile to slow down the fielding. At worst she was only doing 3 damage anyway. Disrupting my draws was no good.

No Uncommon Fatality's appeared so I didn't get to test it. Did tinker around with the Parallax global and that did save my bacon a few times.

Everything was pulled from my GF, so I got all cards when all was said and done. Got a Chase Aquaman and a SR Batman in that box, so I'm happy about that. Hoping the second box has the SR Battery. Will see. Hopping to draft a few more times this coming week.
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  1. SarkhanMad's Avatar
    cool, quick read. thanks for sharing.
    and thank you for posting card text within your write up.
    well done.
    do more of these!
  2. BenSaidScott's Avatar
    Lots of people seem to be taking the increased amount of synergy in set as a bad thing for the wider game (cards with more synergy in set will be less effective outside of set). It's nice to see a combo that will work well in either format. Getting through an early hit with these two will be great, nice idea.
  3. GRider10's Avatar
    Finally a good shield character combo other than war machine & iron man.