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Draft Report: What's violet and blue and hurts all over?

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Fatality: Bounty Hunter and Warth: Hope Burns Bright.

It wasn't a great draft. The packs themselves didn't have a lot of easy strategies that just appeared for anyone. These two cards in a constructed sense would do a lot of good with out-of-set bolt support. Unfortunately, I did not have access to many bolts.

Fatality: Bounty Hunter - 3 (Star Sapphire and Villain) - When fielded, deal 3 damage to target player if you have three or more symbols in your Reserve Pool (excluding ?)
Warth: Hope Burns Bright - 4 (Blue Lantern) - When fielded, you may use the "when fielded" effect of one of your active characters.
2 dice on Fatality, 3 dice on Warth. The strategy was clear. Field Fatality to get her damage, and cycle Warth (and the second Fatality) as much as possible. In order to ensure that I could get that, I needed bolt support. Unfortunately, the bolt support was pathetic in the pod.

I scraped out with the following cards:

Lantern Ring: Not Just Jewelry - 3 (Green Lantern and Emotional Conduit) - Continuous: While Lantern Ring is active, all of your (Green Lantern) and (Blue Lantern) dice get +1A and +1D
Bleez: Winged Fury - 4 (Red Lantern and Villain) - When purchased, if you have a in your Reserve Pool, put this die in your bag instead of the Used Pile (excluding ?).
Miri Riam: Beacon in the Dark - 2 (Star Sapphire) - When fielded, move a character die from your Used Pile with a purchase cost less than or equal to the number of different (Lantern) colors you control to the Field Zone at level 1.
1 die on the Ring, 2 dice on Bleez and Miri. Miri was there just to be cheap bolts. Bleeze was there because I needed more bolts and it was this or Atrocitus. On the plus side, I might occasionally get her ability to fire off - though it was pointless if I was buying her with Big Entrance.

To that end, brought Big Entrance and Lethal Force as my BAC's. Lethal Force's global (Pay double to deal 1 damage to target character) could come in handy. Especially because I knew my opponent loves to wall up behind sidekicks and I didn't have access to Anti-Monitor. The Ring would have made Warth beefier, but I didn't buy it to field it. Even when I rolled it onto its action face, I just let it go to the used pile.

The other cards was the Scarecrow where you name a color at the beginning of your turn and lantern's of that color cost 1 more to field. Also brought Mera for her damage reduction global despite having zero support for masks.

To that end, I went 2:0 with what I had. Granted, my opponent wasn't having a very good time either. She was running a Jade (when a GL attacks, prep a die) and Hal Jordan: Fearless (simply put - when fielded, KO Fatality). It did put me a bit on the back foot because she could ramp fast and clear my Fatality off of the board. Thankfully, I was able to wall up while pinging her with Fatality and Warth. The entire game, I actually never did any combat damage to her. The game did run longer than I would have liked it to, and I did get down to 2 life on the first game and 3 life on the second.

Not the greatest draft, but fun nonetheless.

My feelings so far about this set is that the drafts are kind of feast or famine. Way more than I'm used to seeing in JUL, AoU, and UXM. The tribalism is either strong, or pointless. Guess that is kind of the point of tribalism. It's not friendly to draft but can be amazing in constructed.

I also fiddled around with a Starfire/Wonder Girl/Raven combo in another draft that I won't go too deep into. Didn't work that great. Think I lacked the dice support on Starfire to keep the damage going - and had no Beast Boy cards to add to the fun. Got stomped silly.
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