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The DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award: Jenna Marion

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To celebrate and help maintain this spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, and friendliness, the two leading Dice Masters websites—Dice Anon and The Reserve Pool—periodically award the DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award to someone who has gone above and beyond to make the Dice Masters community a welcoming one, to nurture the growth of the game, and to exemplify the type of player that we all want to be and play with.

I received over a dozen amazing nominations for the award this month, but only one person received multiple nominations, and that person is this month's recipient of the DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award: Jenna Marion.

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Jenna in all her Dice Masters lovin' glory

Jenna hails from Vancouver, British Columbia, and when she is not busy adding unnecessary "u"s to her words, mispronouncing simple words such as "pasta," and measuring things in kilometers (I totally kid--Canada rocks!), Jenna is busy growing and nurturing an incredibly vibrant Dice Masters scene in the Vancouver area.

Jenna is a lifelong board gamer who was introduced to Dice Masters by her board gaming friend (and fellow Vancouver area TO) Adam MacKay after the release of Avengers vs. X-Men. The game grabbed hold of her immediately, and she has been participating or running the OP events ever since. The players at her events all praise her patience, good humor, and selflessness in promoting the game.

While her local efforts would have likely been enough to justify the Award going to her this month, it is Jenna's efforts for the larger Dice Masters community that truly set her apart. Jenna is one of two moderators of Dice Masters: Unlimited--the largest Dice Masters group on Facebook with 2000 members. She is also one of the founding members of the Pro Dice Circuit, which will be bringing high level, competitive Dice Masters events to stores around the world in the coming months. She also co-organized the very successful First Annual USA vs. Canada Dice Masters Series.

But it is the personal touches that nominators focused on in nominating her for this award.

For example, in August, Jenna volunteered two days of her time to demo Dice Masters at PAX Prime in Seattle. During that time she taught over ninety people to play the game. Her enthusiasm and patience led to many people learning the game from her, purchasing a starter set from a vendor at the con, and then returning to show her that they would start playing. She even taught the game to people who work for companies that create other **very widely known and played** card games, and those individuals complimented Jenna's outstanding demo-ing skills and exclaiming that they had heard of Dice Masters but had not given it a try before and were glad that they did. Several players who learned the game on Saturday even returned the following day to participate in the Starter Set tournament.

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The two days Jenna spent at PAX Prime pretty much always looked like this

As if that wasn't enough, Jenna also runs an Etsy shop (you can check it out here) selling high quality, hand-made dice bags. As an owner of several, I can personally vouch for these being the best bags I have ever used!

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Apparently she's pretty good with a drill too--the dice are a nice touch!

Jenna and the players who nominated her have received what I will from now on simply refer to as "The Jimmy."

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Nuff said.

If you know of someone who you believe should receive the DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award, please send me a detailed nomination (with photos, if possible) at or via a PM to me at Indy Mon through The Reserve Pool’s forums.

In the interest of full disclosure: After Jenna was selected for this award, but before this article's publication, she became a member of the Jimmy's Flowing Locks clan, of which I am also a member. But it was my knowledge of Jenna acquired through gathering information for this article that led to her invitation to the clan, and not the other way around!
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