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Cube Drafting

War of Light Cube - Part 1

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Here is the contents of my newest cube.
My son and I have drafted this several times, and it is very good.
I will give some draft reports in future blog posts.

War Of Light Draft Cube
(120 cards & dice)


Green Lanterns

Blue Lanterns

Indigo Tribe

Sinestro Corps

Red Lanterns

Orange Lanterns

Star Sapphire

Teen Titans

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  1. IsaacBV's Avatar
    I like the WoL cards as a cube draft format, I am interested to see how this goes!
  2. SarkhanMad's Avatar
    I wish I would've documented the first several runs of this, but I can tell you:

    1. common Starfire was first change made. Originally had 2 copies, but took one out because she makes Teen Titans archetype really strong. (kind of a personal preference for us, as we would rather play lantern colors)
    2. thought about (but didn't) adding JuL Robin and "house ruling" him TT affiliation...
    3. 1 copy of Scarecrow common was also removed. One game, I had him and Lyssa Drak both fielded, and my son had to pay 1 extra energy and 2 life to field his Mogo that he had been wanting to play. So I decided to be nice, and take one out.
    4. John Stewart - Compassionate is great ramp/churn, on a good size body. One of my favorite cards. If I had another copy, I'd add it.
    5. Kyle Rayner is a amazing!
  3. SarkhanMad's Avatar
    Also of note, this cube was built using only 1 starter and 1 GF.
    When I get my second GF, I will be making some substitutions...
    Also, this is the only cube (out of 4) that doesn't use any cards from other sets. I think that speaks volumes for the quality/synergy of this set. (Although, if I pull a rare ring, I may be adding Constantine/ Baron Zemo/ etc...)
  4. joshaber's Avatar
    we have yet to add WOL to our cube.