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Cube Drafting

BFF / S1 Cube - Part 1

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Ok. I've had this cube built for over a month now and finally got the chance to draft it.
Here it is:

2 player Winston Draft.
40 cards
Here is the rainbow:
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Here is my son's team:
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Here is mine:
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Games 1 & 2:
I was excited to have so many tournament staples on my team. Having never really played with them much, I just tried buying one of each and getting to use them. He bought Dragons and Magic Missiles and lit me up! He won both games.

Games 3 & 4:
Game 3 I bought 1 Relaxing, 1 Umber Hulk, and 1 Red Dragon. Relaxing is legit! The amount of churn AND ramp this provides is insane.
Game 4 I purchased 2 of them and 1 Umber Hulk. That's it! Just 3 dice! I didn't even care what he was purchasing. Wipe and swing, in consecutive turns! This game lasted about 9 minutes.
I won games 3 & 4 easily.

There are 42 unique characters/actions in this 120 card cube. I have been keeping it at 40 to increase the number of die per unique... Not sure why I used 42 in this one, but after seeing the rainbow it produced, I will be cutting 2 characters/actions, and adding the required dice to other characters to get total back up to 120.

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  1. joshaber's Avatar
    our cube is just dc and marvel at the moment, no WOL either, we haven't had time to add that in.