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Osprey's Ideas - Month of October, 2015

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Welcome to a new thing that will be going on with my blog for a little while, called "Osprey's Ideas". In an effort to encourage creativity and demonstrate that you don't have to play Hulk or Jinzo or Lantern ring or whatever at your locals to do well and have a good time, I've started trying to build and play something different at each local Thursday night event. Sorry to say, BEWD appears on every list. Apologies folks, but it's amazing for a reason. Reducing costs, fixing sidekick rolls, re-using when fielded effect, triggering when ko'd effects, etc. It really is that one expensive card that every player should try to get their hands on. This is about playing different and fun stuff, not necessarily budget stuff, though I will try to make a few teams with a budget in mind.

This series will record the teams that I've played while giving me an opportunity to look back and think about what could have potentially been done better, or how they could change going forward. Since there is a draft event once a month, there will be 3 teams featured in each post. This entry covers the month of October, 2015, and links to the original threads from the strategy forums can be found below:

Dr. T's Thanos Delivery System
Black Lanterns
Jocasta Control

Now, time to get started, with the first team played this month.

1. Dr. T's Thanos Delivery System

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This was the list that kicked off the beginning of this series, and the first list built specifically for the purpose of doing something silly and different. Named after a weapon from an FPS I quite like, because of the hit and run nature of the uncommon Thanos.

The Goal: Abuse the unblockable ability of Thanos alongside pump globals to hit hard and win the game

How it works: Uses 5 different ramp sources to consistently purchase the 8 cost unblockable thanos (PXG, BEWD, Resurrection global, BL Bat global and The outsider) before immediately fielding Thanos with The Outsider BAC. Outsider global increases the damage output, and Summoned Skull Global helps re-use Thanos.

Strengths: Powerful against teams that create walls of chump blockers, has a very consistent win condition, and can control the board with Jocasta and Lyssa Drak.

Weaknesses: Has no way to counter burn strategies or deal with removal. It's a gimmicky, glass cannon list that relies on the surprise factor and heavy damage potential to intimidate your opponents. The Thanos win condition is immediately destroyed by Mera global, and the ramp is easy to interrupt with Prismatic Spray.

Contingency Plans: The team can switch gears to a control list on a dime and focus on walling up behind Jocasta and Lyssa Drak to reduce the chance of getting hit. BL Batman also works as a control option is very narrow circumstances, and SR red dragon can be bought if you need a board clearer.

How it Performed: Somehow, this list managed to obtain first place in a 4 round tournament, going completely undefeated. It very enarly lost to a lantern ring team, but lived with 1 life left after an unlucky roll for my opponent, who had made a slight misplay that was not apparent to them until after the game, using my red dragon global before attacking to get the last point of damage required to beat me.

Changes: I found myself quite happy with this list. If I were to make a change, it may be to swap summoned skull out for more ramp (BL Superman) or more control options, like rare solomon grundy or rare Sinestro.

2. Black Lanterns

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Black Lanterns have quickly become one of my favourite lists in the entire game to play. Everything about them hits all the right spots in my brain. Stylish full art cards? Check. Massive beatsticks with powerful effects? Check. More ways to abuse The Outsider BAC? Check. Villains? Check. I love it all.

The Goal: Use the power of the Black Lantern Corps to overwhelm your opponent and drag their favourite characters into the grave.

How it works: Uses 6 different ramp sources (PXG, BEWD, Resurrection global, The Outsider BAC, BL SuperBat globals) to create absurd amounts of momentum and field massive control characters. BL Wonder Woman and BL Aquaman can be abused by not fielding any non-BL characters (including sidekicks), forcing your opponent to remove their characters from play with every turn that passes. Action dice are immune to this effect, so cards like Millennium Puzzle can safely remain in the field to deal with an extra threat every turn.

Strengths: Extremely fast, and capable of placing a Black Lantern character onto the field by turn 3 consistently. Without consistent removal, BL Wonder Woman is incredibly difficult to deal with. Due to the low number of purchases (The team can win with only 2 dice purchases, 1 outsider BAC and 1 BL wonder woman) your bag is free of pollution and maintaining ramp is easy. Being able to use non-basic actions of your choice to power up the strategy without worrying about losing the dice is also a big benefit.

Weaknesses: The list cannot deal with prismatic spray, plain and simple. A single spray can set you back multiple turns, and render you incapable of putting anything meaningful on the board. If you go second and your opponent brings the best anti-fun card in the game, you might as well scoop up your dice right then. You also bring a plethora of powerful globals for your opponent to use, and it does not handle non-ko'ing removal very well.

Contingency Plans: Almost none. Millenium puzzle provides a bit of assistance when dealing with problem characters, but the team can easily be beaten by a low cost character rush. BL Superman can break stalls by putting both players on a clock, but it's rarely useful. Sidekicks are a problem, because they give your opponent something to target on your turn for BL wonder woman, so KO'ing them or attacking with the is almost mandatory every turn.

How it Performed: To my surprise, the list took second place, going 3-1 in a relatively large local tournament, with it's only loss being to a heavy control list with prismatic spray. Wonder Woman is able to hit the ground running (shambling? They're zombies, right guys?) and if you can pull it off by turn 3, there is a low chance of being beaten by most strategies, with the exception of spray).

Changes: SR Lantern Battery was originally included to punish my opponent with life loss for blocking my sidekicks or even my Black Lanterns. However, it's too gimmicky to make use of, and BL Wonder Woman + Puzzle does a great job of keeping the field clear, so it's totally unnecessary. It's already been replaced in my current list by the rare Thousand Dragon, which provides another fixer for buying The Outsider early on turn 1/2 to maintain ramp, or allowing a purchase of millenium puzzle for 2 bolt energy and 1 shield. I'll also be replacing SR Black Lantern Wonder Woman with the chase rare that is (at the time of writing) en route to me, so expect to see the Black Lantern Corps return sometime in November.

3. Jocasta Control

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The final list I created for the last event of the month shouldn't have really been played at all. I had originally devised a powerful and inexpensive aggro team that is local tournament ready and can be built with singles for dirt cheap that I was planning on writing about in the strategy forum. It was testing really well and was consistent, but it was placed on the shelf for a bit due to some specific circumstances. While at work one day, I heard a rumour that multiple other players were all building around the Guy Gardner from the WOL starter, trying to create a budget aggro team. Think of it however you like, but my goal was to play something different and somewhat new every week, but I had no idea what to do. Then, shortly before the tournament night, I stumbled upon a post on Reddit, asking for team building advice because the OP had just pulled a SR Jocasta. I told him about the rare Toad from UXM, I card I really like, and was hit with an idea. This list was built within about 5 minutes, and was a ton of fun, although I have to say, I wasn't exactly planning on playing "TheOutsider.exe" all month. Oh well.

The Goal: Make your opponents hit themselves until by forcing large amounts of damage on jocasta.

How it works: Red dragon starts off your initial damage and allows you to buy the Outsider early on the get the strategy rolling. You can then grab a lyssa to begin pressuring them and giving you early mask energy, or buy another outsider and simply drop a lyssa on board turn 3. Jocasta and toad can then quickly hit the board. Toad forces specific targets to attack and is optional, making your opponent think about what they put on the board. Combined with his burst face for damage, Jocasta can usually ensure a KO on the target as well. Mr. Sinister global allows you to pile on additional hurt by targeting your own Jocasta, dealing your opponent and one of their characters 3 direct damage every turn.

Strengths: Hard to attack directly, and is very consistent in terms of setup and damage output.

Weaknesses: Few ways to deal with heavy burn lists, and you've brought 3 of the best globals in the game for your opponent, as well as one of the best BAC's (polymorph)

Contingency Plans: Polymorph exists for 2 reasons. First, we can guarantee that toad hit's his burst face is he ever has to be rolled, and second, it provides targeted spot removal for tricky characters that our opponent may bring. Doctor Doom is the big bomb. A mid-to late game purchase of Homash-err, I mean, uh, you know, can wipe opponents board clear of pesky blockers, allowing for a lethal swing. The Outsider BAC guarantees that he can be fielded on level 2 and trigger on demand, making trying to stop him with Hellblazer tricky at best.

How it Performed: Undefeated in 4 rounds. Have to admit, I was not expecting this to do so well, but Toad caught so many people off guard that they found it hard to react. Doom blowing up the field whenever I wanted didn't make it easy for them either.

Changes: I can't think of any. Not a single one. Everything in this list felt very natural and had great synergy with the other cards. I am always open to suggestions though, if you think I'm overlooking something. I'll definitely be revisiting this list in the future.

So there you have it. It's just a re-cap of posts I've already made, yes, but I think it's beneficial to do this. It makes the lists easier for people to find if they want a starting point, and writing about them in hindsight helps me question my own decisions and hopefully make better tech choices and decisions going forward. Thanks for reading this far into the post, and if you have any questions, feel free to post a comment below. If you have an idea you want to work on with someone or have a suggestion for a list for me to build, send me a PM, I'd love to hear your ideas. I have access to basically everything in the game, so the sky is the limit! (I really like playing villain teams though)

Keep your eyes peeled for my next recap post in the strategy forums this week about the team I'm playing this Thursday! I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out.

Keep your teams fresh everyone!
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  1. joshaber's Avatar
    good teams. surprised that all the black lanterns worked on one team.
    also, how did you counter distraction in Doctor T's Thanos Delivery System?
  2. Osprey's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by joshaber
    good teams. surprised that all the black lanterns worked on one team.
    also, how did you counter distraction in Doctor T's Thanos Delivery System?
    That's a great question. The short answer is, I didn't! Bad gimmick teams are bad, but sometimes they work when your opponents don't bring counters that destroy the combo. If I had to deal with it, I probably would have just kept attacking/walling up/purchasing more Thanos dice. They can't keep distracting forever, and they're likely giving up some ramp with PXG to do so. I consider it a stroke of incredible luck that nobody brought distraction that night.