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Like a lot of individuals, I'm vulnerable to playing what is "in the meta" at my local store every Thursday night but deep down I love to try out new compositions in an effort to bring a surprise element to the table or at least know what works, what doesn't and use this experience in future matches to my benefit. I totally agree with Indy Mon's latest blog ( and love the Osprey's idea of opening up about what you are playing through his blog ( Together these two community members have inspired me to start this blog. It's intent is not to present you with the "best of the best" but to pass on my thoughts and feelings to the greater community of Dice Master players and simply generate converstion so that this amazing game continues to flourish.

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My first topic I'd like to discuss is the BAC Vulnerability. I was first turned onto this card after the tournament results of the Mid-West Open were posted and the first place winner had an opportunity to present his rationale for bringing it ( I decided not only to use it but try and utilize it even more within the composition of the team. So here's the team:

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Goals: Use Red Dragon to buy Vulnerability early and often to generate internally generated churn since PXG and BEWD are absent from this team.

Ways to Use Vulnerability:
1) Play BAC, target opponent's character and use Wasp's global to activate BAC (
2) Play BAC, target opponent's character and use Copper Dragon's breath weapon. This will activate BAC and trigger internal churn via Copper Dragon's ability.
3) Play BAC, target opponent's character and use Wasp'd global to activate Hulk. This will activate BAC and be a potential board clear from Grren Goliath's ability. (Thanks Joe )

Strengths: You do not bring PXG or BEWD for your opponent to utilize and are thus independent from these cards and if your opponent brings them, you are simply better off. Also, I feel this comp brings a surprise factor to the table which is a variable in your favor. Moreover, the first time you swing in with Copper Dragon after the BAC Vulnerability has been activated is such a good feeling because you just knocked out the targeted opponent, let's just say four sidekicks from breath weapon and thus prepped six die internally.

Weaknesses: You start off slow but Loki and Wasp can help you establish some control until things get rolling. The biggest weakness is if your opponent buys all of your Vulnerability dice. This is your main method of churn, your ability to buy higher purchase cost characters and your means of knock out . Human Paladin is brought to combat this issue and so your Wasp global cannot be used against you.

Overall: I was very happy with how it performed; it did allow me to win a local tournament and I feel the surprise factor really helped. Is it a top-tier team, no, but it's fun, it's viable and it allows you to use cards you may have not used in a while and more importantly, expand your usages for the Vulnerability BAC. Finally, it allows you to play your opponent rather than simply play your team turn by turn as originally stated by Paul Roberts.

Conclusion: With the upcoming Pro Dice Circuit events, "meta teams" will do well and "meta cards" will hold their own but I feel surprise teams like this one or the one that took second place at the Mid-West Open ( will be competitive simply based upon the surprise factor they bring to the table. And, yes, my team and Gabe's do use "meta cards" but the overall mechanics of the team are the real surprise factor that I'm trying to illustrate.
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  1. Osprey's Avatar
    I'm glad my blog helped you decide to start writing here on TRP! With the limited amount of space between sets, trying new combos out at locals always seems to get pushed back in favour of trying to win as easily as possible to get more prize packs or the new OP's, so I'm glad to see others trying to mix everything up and expose players to the often ignored cards that might be useful. I like the list you made quite a bit, and your rationale makes sense.

    One question I have for you is: Did your purchase or use relaxing at all? I noticed it was the one card absent from your discussion and I'm curious how/if it performed, and if it did not work out, what you think you might replace it with if you were going to play the list again.
  2. IsaacBV's Avatar
    I was curious on the use of relaxing as well. Did you find that you needed it on your team?
  3. OrangeLion's Avatar
    Since Vulnerability was part of my win condition and itself did provide the churn I needed for this team, I did not really buy too many Relaxing dice.

    I do like Relaxing but I feel it functions best when you have PXG. PXG really helps thin your bag and thus limits your choices when you have to name a die. I feel using Gearing Up is more consistent but I like the risk versus reward element Relaxing brings. When I did activate Relaxing, I successfully named the die about 40 percent of the time. On a team with PXG and your diligence to know what's in your bag, this percentage could be much much higher.

    As far as this team, I feel Gearing Up would have been a better choice due to the lack of PXG.

    Have you had any experience with Relaxing? Any tips/tricks you used to successfully increase the percentage that you'll correctly name the the die?
  4. GRider10's Avatar
    Thanks for the article. I also like vulnerability and have tried it with some success with human torch. It's actually a pretty good card for the cost. Maybe it's time to rethink my bac's.
  5. Osprey's Avatar
    I was about to type something about Relaxing and how I haven't used it myself just yet but have used The Outsider BAC before and might be able to draw some parallels for you when an idea about how to use relaxing efficiently hit me. I'll have to let you know how it worked out sometime, but for now, it's a secret to everybody :P

    I did just get an idea for my last team to play this month, since I've already decided on what I'll be doing this week. Thanks for helping me find another idea Orangelion!
  6. BenSaidScott's Avatar
    I love using Vulnerability with Blue Dragon; Lesser Dragon

    Free damage without having to attack, it also works great in prepping your sidekicks in the field for you.

    Vulnerability is great though if you have an easy way of triggering it. A KO and ramp, excellent.
  7. OrangeLion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BenSaidScott
    I love using Vulnerability with Blue Dragon; Lesser Dragon

    Free damage without having to attack, it also works great in prepping your sidekicks in the field for you.

    Vulnerability is great though if you have an easy way of triggering it. A KO and ramp, excellent.

    I really like the idea of using Blue Dragon with Vulnerability. I have been using the same Blue Dragon with Stinking Cloud recently to really kick up the AOE board clear of this card. Stinking Cloud reads "Deal 1 damage to all characters of both players and level 1 characters can't attack or block this turn."