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The TRP Mega Contest Gravity Feed Update - fun4willis edition

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A couple months ago I was fortunate to take third prize in the TRP Mega Contest.

Full contest details can be found here.

The prize was an entire Gravity Feed of my choice. Not too shabby. I chose YuGiOh because my first choice, AvX, had already been selected. My initial thoughts were Jinzo and the rare Blue-Eyes. These are some of the most valuable cards in the game. @Shadowmeld was quick to point out the reliable dollar value from a BEWD (Blue-Eyes White Dragon). That said, I own those cards already as a part of a complete set. It quickly became apparent that there was a better use for this prize. I would donate it to my local store and hold a free Rainbow Draft.

The idea was not a far jump as I am the Dice Masters TO (tournament organizer) and Judge at The Game Chamber. The store owner is a really great guy to work with and I try to make the Dice Masters experience at our store the best it can be . We made arrangements to hold a Yu-Gi-Oh Rainbow Draft and decided that in order to get folks interested, as the Yu-Gi-Oh IP is mostly neglected by our DM players, there would be a little extra motivation. We charged a $10 entry fee (which is much less then the normal $18 CDN for a regular Rainbow Draft) and decided that the winner would take home half of the total registration fee. The first ever cash prize for a Dice Masters event at the store. Furthermore, since the Gravity Feed was free to me and their was no additional expense to the store (like OP cards) the remaining half of the registration fee would be donated to a charity.

Fast forward to last night. I won't get into all the game details. Fun was had.
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The Winner took home $35. The store made a donation and in total we were able to raise $55. The winner also chose the charity - the London Humane Society.

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Thanks again to TRP for holding the contest. @Ken - I think we pulled something pretty great.

I can't state enough how awesome it is to work with the store owner at the Game Chamber. Get in your local store. Meet the staff. Pitch ideas. Things can happen.