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Packing issues, lack of rulings, and other reason why I'm quitting the game.

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So, as many of you will have noticed, I have decided to quit the game.

Despite appearances this is not a snap decision, made solely because of the shoddily packed feed I got, nor the recent rulings, or rulings being overridden. In fact I think some of the most recent rulings are good for the game, and I am glad I am finally vindicated in my understanding of how multiple sources of combat damage should be applied. Rather, it is all these things, and more, and has been something I have been considering for a long time now, as there has been a slow but ever growing build up of issues and problems.

I believe I summed my feelings up as eloquently I as I probably can in a reply to Justin Ziran (WizKids company president), who contacted me after he saw my video about the ASM feed packing issue. What I wrote was:

I would also like to take this opportunity to say I am done with this game. Though I love the game itself, the way your company handles it is atrocious. Card texts are unclear, ambiguous, and inconsistent. The response time on the rules forum is appalling. I have posted a large number of questions dating right back to when the forum was first set up, and regarding sets all the way back to AvX, the majority of which go completely unanswered. Almost entire months go by without any questions get answered. And when we do get answers they often make the game less, not more, clear to understand, or, as with one of those published today, overturn an existing ruling and in doing so shift the game even more towards a meta of nothing but board clear and alpha strikes.

The game in it's present state is almost unplayable at any level without either ignoring a large number of cards with unclear interactions, or the use of numerous house rules.

I am a competitive player (played in the UK Nationals this year), and I simply cannot begin to play at that level if the game keeps on changing beneath me.

I hope you can sort these problems out, and for the game to become the game it deserves to be, because the underlying system is brilliant. But if that ever does happen, I will no-longer be playing it.
The one thing I did not mention in that email, but wish I had, was the rate at which sets are being put out. I am very much under the impression that whilst the Dice Masters game development team, at WizKids, is well aware of the problems with the lack of rules and card text clarity, and the need for better turn-around on answering rules questions, they are being put under pressure from management to push product out at an increasing rate.

So, in a nutshell, they're too busy keeping their bosses happy to do the work that they know needs doing to improve the game, and I suspect that the release schedule is only going to get quicker, and all the problems will continue to pile up, until it reaches a point where they can not possibly ever catch up.

So, I will, in the new year, start selling off my sets and duplicate cards and dice, and once everything is gone I will walk away from this site and the numerous dice masters facebook groups I am a member of. Could I ever return? Probably not. When I walk away from something I do so and generally never look back. Life, for me, is about moving forward, without regret. There would have to be demonstrable evidence of a major overhaul of the game and the way it is handled and supported by WizKids for me to even consider changing my mind, and even then I likely would not. What trust I had in WizKids has been eroded away by a gradual accumulation of problems over the course of the game's life to this point.

This will, I'm sorry to say, mean that I will no long be maintaining the rarity distribution spreadsheets, or my rules questions thread. If anyone would like to take on that responsibility, please Private Message me here, and I will assign ownership of the spreadsheets and data entry form to someone that I feel is up to the task.

Now, I am sure many will say I am being overly dramatic, and you know what, I don't care what the people that will have that opinion think, and I never did. Despite some of you believing that I did (and I am sure those that to whom this refers know exactly who they are).

But I will miss many parts of the community. There are some great, amazing, people in this game's community, many of whom I look up to and admire. Those of you who I think of as friends will likely know who you are, and I hope you will find the time to keep in touch - I will certainly try to make the time to do so myself.

Finally, I wish the game and the community all the best in the future. The Dice Masters Dice Building system is a brilliant system, that deserves much better support than WizKids currently gives it.

And, may your dice rolls be forever in your favour.
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  1. pk2317's Avatar
    I am very sorry to hear this, I appreciated all your input and care for the game and the community surrounding it. Whether we agreed on everything or not, I was always glad to see your input here, and on Facebook, and on BGG.

    Whatever you decide to do in the future I wish you well and I, like you, hope Wizkids can improve from their past as well.
  2. Dave's Avatar
    All the best to you Scott.
  3. Jthomash2's Avatar
    Can't thank you enough for everything you've contributed to the community. Sad to see you go, but wish you only the best. Cheers!
  4. Osprey's Avatar
    Thank you for all of you effort and contributions Scorp. While you may be leaving the game, remember that you managed to help a lot of other people while you were here, and had a large role in the community that will be impossible to replace. Best of luck in the future.

  5. Son of 'L's's Avatar
    Thanks for all the contributions you made to the community while you were here, Scott. It's a better place for your having been here. Best wishes, and here's hoping the next game you invest heavily in (emotionally, financially or both) is produced by a company that has a more satisfactory concept of proper customer service.
  6. bahamut7's Avatar
    Scott, I always enjoyed our back and forth on the forums and will miss them, but most importantly you will be missed for all the amazing support you put into the game. Thank you for that and I wish you the best of luck in your next project, whatever it may be.
  7. Nemesis's Avatar
    Good luck going forward.
  8. BenSaidScott's Avatar
    I'd quote something, but I don't know anything that would be apt. Sad news indeed.

    Hopefully I'll still see you at IS on occasion? Maybe you can beat me at another game sometime, I just brought Elysium off Karl?

    And obviously I get first refusal on your selling stuff off right? =)
  9. w00kie's Avatar
    Hi, new to the game and the community. Happened upon this blog as I was browsing. I'll just say - I feel your pain. Several of the reasons you cite for leaving are the same ones I had when I quit playing HeroClix. I haven't played that game in a couple of years. I swore off WizKids games at that point. It actually pains me to have fallen for dice masters. But I do like the game concepts and I plan to play mostly thematic & casual. I might try some competitive if it shows up in my area but it's a good game to play with my family and friends.

    Not surprised to hear about poor quality control, constant rule changes/shifts, inconsistent rulings and such. Throw in broken silver bullet meta pieces, ignoring defective product requests, poor production estimates and you have HeroClix 2.0.

    But I'll be picking up this game and enjoying it. Fortunately I'm used to house ruling stuff from WizKids. Good luck!