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Hey guys, this is my first blog on here so if it seems rambly, just let me know.

What I wanted to talk about today was the overwhelming sense I have that the general consensus of the population is to "nerf" the power level of the game. Even the WizKids rules forum states "When in doubt, choose the 'weaker' option" on their judge guidance forum.

Well I say NAY!

Many of us came to this game from Magic and many more will follow, unless, that is, every team is reletively the same. If the meta gets stagnant because we don't want to accept the changes new and powerful cards force upon us we will not garner new players but rather lose the ones we have over time.

WHOA! You might say, there are plenty of new things.... Well, yes. There is, but let me give you an example.

Lantern Ring: Limited Only by Imagination

Before the ruling from Salt Lake (I think....) I had heard plenty of variations on how this card worked. The common one was each character would deal 1 damage when it attacked no matter how many matching symbols because it only mattered that there was at least 1 match. WRONG.

Why would this be how people wanted it? Well, if you've ever played against a team that could deal 21 damage with three attackers and a Lantern Ring, BEFORE blocks were even made, you'd know why people wanted the "weaker" option. I'd like to take this moment to explain how picking a more powerful option is better in the long run.

Powerful cards are designed with progress in mind. They make us think and rethink the meta game. They make us adjust to new and powerful strategies. They make the game better. A powerful card can create it's own powerful strategies which will in turn force the meta game to change. Yes, this could affect the price of your collection or individual cards. It may mean that the team the current Nat'l Champ won with is no longer viable. That's just fine. That's progress. I have yet to see a strategy that is unbeatable, I just don't think one exists. Yes, you can swing on turn three with a bunch of Guy Gardners and BOOM you win....but so long as I have at least one blocker and you can't Overcrush, I've still got a chance. I've lived the 1 life come back, it's real.

In general I firmly believe we need to accept the power level of these VERY powerful cards and look not to "nerf" them but rather to how we can overcome the obstacles they represent. Let's look to how we can beat the super fast Guy Gardners or the Lantern Ring swings. Let's brew and find new and powerful combos to make work, forcing the meta to change around us. Let's embrace the power instead of fearing it.

So? Who's with me?

Who's willing to charge ahead into the world of powerful effects and cunning answers?

Who's willing to navigate the unsteady waters of an everchanging metagame?

Most of all, who's willing to stay the course and accept and learn from the loses while we face down new and powerful cards or mechanics?

I for one am excited for every new card and the possibility each one brings.

Thanks for the read and now...


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  1. bahamut7's Avatar
    I was on board for this from the beginning, especially with the Lantern Ring!