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Dice Masters and Parenting: The Conundrum

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Sometimes, Iím a great parent. There are days I take the kids outside, jump on the trampoline, run around the yard, and give them totally undivided attention (well, undivided among the 4 of them). I try to teach them the importance of helping others and why we help others. I make them try to accomplish something themselves, but if they still cannot do it, I will help them. They must always try something new, whether thatís a new food at dinner, or sticking their hands in finger paints. I try to involve them in the things I do, instead of just telling them to ďgo away, Iím busyĒ. But before you pat me on the back, let me tell you how Iím a terrible parent. I lose my mind over the dumbest things, like standing too close to the TV. I donít always involve them in the things I do. Sometimes I do tell them to ďgo away, Iím busyĒ. Sometimes I lie to them when itís convenient. ďNope, I donít know where that movie is. Pick a different one.Ē And sometimes I feel guilty, like Iím letting them down, even when Iím not inherently doing anything wrong, like when the kids tell me they want to go play Dice Masters at the shop. Or like when Abigail tells me she wants to talk about super hero cards on the computer again. But, Iím done with Dice Masters, right?

My frustration with Dice Masters has been documented. I started selling off my collection. I stopped buying anything new, despite my initial excitement when Amazing Spider-Man was announced. One of my best friends, @Jthomash2 , still plays and contributes regularly here on the site. Between church, our families hanging out together, and getting together to play games, we probably see each other 2-4 times per week. He hasnít let me stray too far from Dice Masters, as we still talk about combos and strategies. Iíve played in a few events since I said I was done, placing 3rd at a Rainbow Draft Weekend event, and absolutely bombing at another Rainbow Draft. I still havenít bought any War of Light or Amazing Spider-Man (minus the War of Light I purchased for the Rainbow Drafts). I enjoy the game enough, but I wonít keep sinking money in to a game and company I donít totally agree with the business model of. But again, you could read all of that here.

So what do I tell my kids? When they ask to go to the shop to play Dice Masters, do I just tell them ďnoĒ? Abigail wants to do her podcast segment, but Iím frustrated with the state of the game. Is it selfish on my part to not let the kids enjoy Dice Masters because Iím frustrated? We had an absolute blast when we opened up the gravity feed of D&D BFF at the dining room table. I enjoy the quality of D&D as a stand-alone set. Should I purchase D&D Faerun Under Siege when it comes out next year? Well, what about TMNT? The kids LOVE Ninja Turtles. We had all four kids dress up as the Turtles for Halloween this year. Where do I draw the line between getting out of something that frustrates me, and doing something together with my kids? I still play the game, and plan on competing in PDC events. I think I have a heck of a team built for that, and it even uses some cards released in War of Light, a set I didnít purchase.

So, thatís where I am. I enjoy playing the game. My kids enjoy playing the game and opening packs with me. It is super frustrating trying to navigate the minefield that can be understanding rules, but it may be worth it at times because itís something to enjoy with my kids. Abigail may be making her return to the podcast here and there. Luckily, I have a close friend who I can use cards and dice from to compete in events, without having to heavily invest in by myself. I will definitely purchase a gravity feed of Faerun Under Siege when it is released, because the D&D mechanics are so unique, and fun to play stand alone with a gaming group. Itís easier to overlook the faults for sure not having to write about Dice Masters multiple times per week for TRP. Being so close to the game and so involved with behind the scenes info, it made it difficult at times to step back and enjoy it. Donít get me a wrong, WizKids can still be a hot mess with how they manage Dice Masters as far as Rules Forum updates, regional events, and release datesÖ but Dice Masters is still fun. And because my kids think so, Iím still playing.
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  1. Jthomash2's Avatar
    Been wrestling with this a while. Randy and I are really good friends. Like, when I needed help installing a new water heater I called Randy kind of friends. Our kids play together. My kids started asking why his kids weren't coming to play dice masters at the shop. Our wives have gone on hikes together. So when he said he was hanging up his playmat, it hit close to home. What does this mean for me? What should I do?

    Well, I kept bugging him about ideas I had. Them we'd hash something out that looked cool and play a few games. Eventually, he started coming at me with things again. And while the community hasn't had his voice in a while, I get to chat with him on a daily basis.

    I'm really grateful to get to regularly play with one of my best friends, who is, in my mind, a top notch pilot and brewer. But make no mistake, when we go to a PDC event an hour away and half our games are against each other, it is... I dunno, maybe familiar is the word I'm looking for. An event like PDC can really be taxing, but my games with Randy felt normal. I got good rolls, and it was like he would be rolling for an action face and got an apple. Yes, apple. I think he missed action face 5 turns (10 rolls) in a row.

    Great post, Randy. Thanks for everything.
  2. Jwannabe's Avatar
    The game only gets super frustrating in a completely competitive format. If you're playing with friends or familiar people at a local store the card wording errors are not as glaring.

    Regardless I'm excited to hear from you again and glad you are still around the game. As far as your children are concerned , anything that involves reading comprehension, math, and critical thinking is a plus in my mind.