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PDC KS, part 2 - electric boogaloo

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I meant to take my tablet so I could blog between rounds. I forgot my tablet, but I took some notes on how things went.

First off, the team.;3x136bff is what I decided to pilot. Not the most fine tuned thing in the universe.

I forgot most of the guys' last names. Sorry for that. If any of these are you, hi.

Round 1, Bob
So knowing going into the tournament my team had 1 glaring weakness. I didn't expect to run into it at all today. This was it. It's a mask based team with Raven, and I am a control team that forgot what a Prismatic Spray is. I got an early Magneto down to counter his Lantern Ring but once he had a Raven online I had 0 ways to meaningfully interact with him. I didn't expect this match, I got crushed. Probably the worst way to start the tournament, but no salt.

Round 2, Dan
Dan was playing a Patch team, I won the die roll. This is why I don't think Patch is a tier 1 team, I think its a tier 1.5 team. 1-1, getting back in the groove. I didn't use a Vulture to win - take note of this.

Round 3, I think this guy's name was Allen? Of all the notes I took that have all the players' names I somehow did not write yours down. Sorry guy that is possibly named Allen.
He was playing some aggro thing with all 2 and 3 cost guys for the most part. I had some really sloppy and bad initial opening rolls, but Magneto straight up blanked his team. However, he did get me down to 7 and I think if I didn't get my ramp working when I got it working it might have been too late. 2-1 - I didn't buy a Vulture this game, because there was never an opportune time to even try it out.

Round 4, Miles
This guy was the TO and a pretty cool guy. He was playing a Vicious Struggle team. Probably the most brain-burner of games I had today. He actually managed to get me down to 4 through various self burns and Vicious Struggles while maintaining decent control of the board. On his last turn of the game, he could have actually killed me with his Silver Surfer but punted. On my last turn Vulture was relevant for the first time all tournament - and he would have been as relevant throughout the rest of the game as something I'll talk about later in this blog. I'll take the win even though I shouldn't have had it. 3-1

Cut to top 4, I'm the 3rd seed. At this point I'm shocked I've made it this far. I thought this team was quite the pile, but it had a winning enough record to get top 4.

Semi finals against Mark, another Vicious Struggle.
Game 1 he has almost perfect rolls all game and I had to break my ramp because of lack of masks. He continued his ramp and it took me time to build mine up. I essentially lost two turns to my ramp falling apart. It happens, Dice Masters is Dice Masters.

Game 2
I just could not roll any combination of 6 energy with a shield for the life of me. I had a few turns that could have been lethal if not for Mera. Mera also gave me some problems in the previous round too. It's a running theme. If Magneto is on the field Mera is not a problem, until then my team accomplished nothing. The game plan against VS based teams is obviously to build a board state that is a OHKO that they can't interact with. That didn't happen this game, but at least I kept my ramp for the most part. Still 0-2 in the semis, and I'm out.

So what I've learned about this team. Being a pure control build can work. But Vulture sucks. I would cut him for Prismatic Spray as a way to KO Ravens and other characters of that nature, and to help mitigate the Mera issues because Mera can be a real pain. I would also consider Jinzo since you can Polymorph a Jinzo into play, the problem being I already have a 6 cost shield character with utility I consider above Jinzo's and sometimes your ramp just falls apart and you need another cheap purchase. You need a contingency plan and that's what I failed to have in those situations. However Jinzo would have changed the last two rounds played out a lot too. It's hard to say.

Also had a discussion about the wording of different cards and the usage of possessive language. Will discuss that in a rules post if anyone is interested.
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  1. bahamut7's Avatar
    Not bad for hat interesting team. I do like the variety that you encountered, that gives me hope for the same in St. Petersburg.
  2. Jwannabe's Avatar
    So how did you do the majority of your danage?

    Thanks for the blog. I'm really interested in what everyone is playing. Not much action in my area.
  3. Scum's Avatar
    Did pretty much all my damage through combat. Had to buy Human Paladins on more than one occasion to protect my guys from things. The build doesn't really win in a fast efficient manner so you just have to fight it out.
  4. IsaacBV's Avatar
    Nice report. Thanks for the great blog post
  5. Adimantium10's Avatar
    Link to the forum post about card text? I'd be interested to skim.