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From The Field Zone - Episode 1

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My son and I have been playing Dice Masters together for over a year and a half now. We enjoy collecting the cards and dice, building teams, playing each other and in tournaments, and talking about the game. We decided to start our own video series on YouTube, talking about the game we love. It is a work in progress - we may need to get a better microphone or play with YouTube's sound leveling features. We'd love to get your feedback, either here or on YouTube or your favorite social media platforms.

jevansfp & FluffySnowman


  1. agentj's Avatar
    I enjoyed watching your video however, I noticed you said rare venom can be used to take care of guy gardner rush team. This is not the case, rare venom card text is: While Venom is active, your opponent's non- characters get -2A and -2D. Guy is a fist character so he does not get the -2A and -2D.