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Pimp my Dice!!! - Where to start and whats out there?

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Hey there, i want to start a series , to talking and presenting about stuff you can use beside playing this really cool game we all talking about here on TRP.

What i am talking about are organizers, boxes, binders , dice towers, playmats and many many more things.
I will talk in later Articles abou different stuff in detail, like: "Should i used sleeves? and if so, which should i put on my holy cards?!?" or "Playmats are a cool thing, you want some too? Ofcourse you do!" or such as "Whats your Tournament gear to be the elite fighter in the ring? I'll show youu!"

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So today i will show you a glimpse of this madness and crazyness that you can put in to pimp your Dice Masters Stuff to the max!

The first will be my own project i carried with me for a half year. My Dice Masters Toolbox.
Its selfmade from stuff you can buy in your normal toolmarket
But what i can say is, you can do the Dicetrays or layers for the toolbox within 1 or 2 days!

What you see here is a normal toolbox for 8 that contains (also all SDK / BA Dice if i wanted) my whole dice collection (made with 4 layers with 17 dice multiplied 14 rows), a selfmade dicetower with tray, the two last released set manuals, Dragonshield Clearbox for 3 Tournamentteams with 2 Bags, Deckbox with all Basic Action Cards, a third big bag , 3 Lifecounter Figures(Dr. Doom, Joker and The Riddler) and last but not least a Playmat from Mark Gardner. (Thanks Mark, my playmates are jealous or hate Deadpool and i love my playmat!!!)

Click image for larger version. 

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Sidenote: The box can stand, lay without doing a scratch to the surface and the edges are glued so no one will lose and eye or get some injuries.

What you gain through all this if you do such amount of work? Well some crafting skills for sure and the feeling thats your own baby you are made by yourself.

But what if you dont want spent so much time or work in it or dont want to show of a piece of work thats looks you made it somehow not so perfectly like its manufactured from a company? Right buy from a company!

If you want to spend some money and you like classic stuff this one here is the Mercedes or Bentley from it!:

This Storage box comes from Daedalus Productions inc from
Its made out of finest wood and can contain many dice and cards and other stuff. You also have different design options for you personal taste.

Ofcourse there ar other things that people like you and me produced with some nice tools and their craftyness:

This here was selfmade with wood that was lasercutted by SNKYNNJ from

So where can you find this and many other stuff? Here a small list with links and Hints for you: with Searchwords like "Dice Masters Storage / Case / Box"
In this gallery there are plenty ideas , like in the google picture gallery.

or ask and search on

and last but not least

What i learned from the whole thing is something about crazyness. It doesnt find an end, it just grows and grows further until you lose your target, but i used the break before it and so be it until you or me have new project or bigger collection in mind !

If you have suggestions, wishes, critique and other stuff please send me an PM here on TRP, email per: or here in the comments. I will read them all! I promise !

Greetings Ressless

All Rights for pictures are at the owners places (so not me!)
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  1. vonVile's Avatar
    How did you get/make the dice bags? I would love to do this with Harley Quinn.
  2. Ressless's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by vonVile
    How did you get/make the dice bags? I would love to do this with Harley Quinn.
    Ive made them on
    It was a special offer for 2$ per Item for Mothersday to up to 10 Items for 20$ (shipping was free international!)

    Look here for a % Code for purchases(maybe not working anymore) and hold your eyes off for a new special offer, from time to time the will do the same deal again:

    Start at Boardgamegeek with DC: Justice League Bags and then the following pages with Dice Masters on it.