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Hey y'all!

So 2016 is here and we are finally back to having all our favourite regular content here on the TRP site! I for one am super stoked to be getting the TRP Podcast back! This also means I am going to continue my blogs here on the site. Today's post is geared towards the FUN we all have with this sweet game!

Fun. Kind of an abstract notion really. The things that I enjoy might not be what get you going and that's OK. This game has a lot to offer all sorts of players, from the "Timmy"s who want the big smash-your-face wins to the "Johnny"s that want to show you cool interactions they've concocted there is something for everyone!

Me, I'm a little bit of Johnny and a little bit of Spike all rolled into one. I love to brew and find cool ways to use my cards, but I'm also all about making those interactions mean something within the game or my local meta. Fun for me comes in two areas for me; building my teams and playing the game.

When I"m building a team I take the time to re-read every card I consider. I weigh it in context of all the other cards I'm considering. I consider energy type and cost and TFC and game effect. I just enjoy thinking about what the game play will be like between various cards and how I'm constantly turning back and forth through my binders reconsidering different cards until I finally decide on what mechanics I'm looking to use and what my strategy is going to be. Then I start considering the meta....

My FLGS has a great TO. When we're not drafting he likes to switch up what the meta will look like for us each week. This week was BFF only and it gave me the opportunity to think about a new meta I hadn't played much of other than at home. Puzzle out what the ramp teams might look like. Search for the answers to the answers.....and figure out how to answer those! What did the control aspects look like? How much removal is running around? When and how can I draw extra dice? All this within a specific limited meta. FUN!

The next bit of fun for me is making my decisions and refining my team. Once this is done...IT'S PLAY TIME! Taking these teams out to the store and playing with the locals (win, lose or draw) is always a good time. I'm a junky for gaming stores with great atmospheres and friendly people. Dicemasters certainly gives me a reason to hit up the local shops and the people are almost always great!

This is what fun looks like for me, especially in this great community. How does it play out for you?

Hope you all had a fun holiday season and, like me, are looking forward to super fun new sets in the new year!


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