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Theme Team 1: The Sinister Six (or Hateful Eight)

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Hey everybody!

I have decided to make a series on how to make the most competitive team for a certain theme or affiliation, and for my first one, I have decided to do the Sinister 6, or in this case Hateful Eight.

Now, before I get too into this, the main reason I bought and have played with Dicemasters was for the really cool characters to play with, which means I sometimes use Sandman because as a character I like him, although the card itself is certainly lacking. So for this team, I knew I had to use the original Sinister 6, and picked two other members who have often been in other incarnations of the Sinister 6, namely, Lizard and Green Goblin.

Finally, my goal to call this a successful team, and a thematic team, is that I have to buy each character at least once. This will also be a rule for future Theme Teams.

The card to choose here was an easy choice, being his Uncommon version. This will be utilized in the team as both a cheap fist, although high fielding costs, and with the Kraven card.
Name:  Lizard.png
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Green Goblin:
For the ol' gobby himself, I'm going to choose the uncommon version, Goblin Grandmaster. This will help us in activating Lizard and Vulture's abilities, and I'm trying not to use rares in Theme Team.
Name:  Green Goblin.png
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Doctor Octopus:
For this, It was a tough decision between Common and Uncommon, but as with Rhino, the possibility of finding many Spider-Friends is rare, as opposed to the power of 8 Dangers, the Uncommon. This will allow us to deal our opponent probably 2 damage each turn, as it is unlikely that Doc Ock will be KO'ed. It will also allow us to get some heavy damage in if they do decide not to take the 2 damage.
Name:  Doctor Octopus.png
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Another sadly lame Sinister 6 character. This time it was a choice between Uncommon and Rare, and because of the damage and awkward ramp, I again chose an uncommon, as the rare would be tough to get it to work enough to pay for the 6 cost. The Rare could work, but probably only with Iceman: TCFW, who isn't allowed on this team.
Name:  Electro.png
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Not even a question. The only usable version is the common, and we will need lots of ramp to make this team work. Dr. Ludwig Rinehart is our only option.
Name:  Mysterio.png
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Kraven the Hunter:
Again with the Uncommons. The common is just too unreliable in this game, and the Rare has an ok ability for a crazy 7 cost. This 5 cost version has very good stats, and will allow us to utilize Lizards ability, and Vulture's as well.
Name:  Kraven the Hunter.png
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Again, an easy choice for a great card with great stats. Adrian Toomes it is, and his ability can be activated very well by Kraven's ability.
Name:  Vulture.png
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Finally, the old sandbag himself. No great options, but we'll take the common for the cheaper purchase cost and a feeder for Kraven's ability. None of the Sandman's are very good, but this is the best for this team.
Name:  Sandman.png
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For this, I don't really have any rules for BAC, but I definitely want more ramp, so for the first one I'll choose
Villainous Pact
Name:  VillainousPact.jpg
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Also, we want to be able to buff any character who goes unblocked, and we have many fists, so we'll go with
Anger Issues
Name:  AngerIssues.png
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The strategy for utilizing this team will be to buy Lizard turn 1, and ramp, or buy Vulture. We will continue ramping until we reach Doctor Octopus, and then buy up Kraven's, Goblins, and Vultures, utilizing the sacrifice ability to have at least 8 damage available each turn, and try to use Sandman as feeding for Anger Issues. Finally, we'll use Doc Ock to try to prevent blocking, and come through for the big hit.
The final team, with dice, is:;3x25jl;3x33jl

I hope you all enjoyed this post, as I had a lot of fun writing it and making this team. Leave a comment on what you thought, and also, why some of the pictures I tried to upload would read "undefined" I'm not sure how to fix that.

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  1. Razorback's Avatar
    Great article! Looking forward to more!
  2. Squid7201's Avatar
    Also, I apologize for a few mistakes, as i'm so used to Vulture being with Sable that I keep automatically thinking he is unblockable, but he is not. Sorry about that xD