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The Dragon's Rage: Monkey See, Monkey Do not so well.

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I have seen and heard many things between here and the DiceMasters Reddit, as well as at actual events. Some good some bad. Some of what I have seen and heard has been the same thing over and over. As such, what better way to deal with it, than rant! This is a gripe and rant blog. If I upset you, please understand this is to get my frustrations vented so they don't cloud my word choice in the forums.

Without further ado...The Dragon's Rage.

With the recent PDC events and Regionals creeping up, I was hoping to see a variety of well made and competitive teams. While there were some interesting teams, like Shadowmeld's, I saw Guy Gardner...EVERYWHERE!

I get it. He's a very potent aggro card, but he's not the win all approach. We have over a 1000 different cards to choose from (not including BACs), and 80 - 90% of the players use Guy and Miri for a competitive team? What a waste. A bloody waste.

For those of you who were not playing back in 2014 when it was just AvX, Uncanny, Yugioh, and I believe D&D, let me tell you exactly how nationals went. Almost every team...was made up of Tsarina, Gobby, Beast, Professor X, Hulk, and I think the other 3 varied between people. The BACs mainly used? Relentless and Transfer Power. This was it. The best of the best, brought all the same thing. Even though there were other effective options in those sets.

Guy Gardner has merely brought back this concept again. The worst part? Most of these newer players have no idea how to pilot the Gardner team they copied from the internet. I played one gentleman, who had the Gardner team...but knew when to buy the Hulk and because of a mistake on my part (I forgot about the Hulk), I lost barely (but a great and close game nonetheless!).

If you are going to copy a team...please practice, practice, and practice. Know all of your options and how to switch among them. Believe it or not aggro teams fall flat on their face if your opponent survives your turn 3 kill and has life gain to bounce right back.

While normally, I am very polite and diplomatic, it irks me to no end when I find a thread titled "Critique my team" and what do I find? *GASP* Guy Gardner team that looks exactly like every other Guy Gardner team. Guy Gardner has seen more action in this game than the Lanterns ever gave him.

Hopefully, regionals surprises me.


I feel better, thank you for your time. *Drops mic*
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  1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
    I feel your pain... somewhat. Our PDC event had 3 Guy Gardner teams (out of 8 players), and I played two of them. I'm happy to report that I won against all the GG teams. Of course, it was impossible for them to win against a team that was built around the Batmobile... but I digress.

    I'm always happy when I see something like this. It means that players are taking the next step in the game. I think it goes: Step 1 - Open packs and play with whatever looks cool, Step 2 - Do some "netdecking" and copy what seems to be working, Step 3 - Make your own teams with your own ideas, and Step 4 - Build stupid teams based around "worthless" cards to see what you can accomplish. I think, when we see an influx of these types of teams, it tells us that players are starting along that path to really trying to understand the game.
  2. Stormyknight's Avatar
    The hard part about the Internet age is that with competitive card games people will always net deck, the ones that get set apart like you said are those who practice and understand the deck they are copying. The one thing it does do is for those who pay attention, the cheapest/fastest deck is usually the most popular. This makes it pretty easy to plan for events since you have an idea of what you're going to encounter in the "meta".

    Hint Hint, Guy Gardner might be popular at WKO.
  3. bahamut7's Avatar
    Yep, I have no problem with Guy Gardner, I just hope in future competitive events we can see more variety. In the mean time, I get to stomp some aggro teams