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Team Brew Switcharoo 3: Switcharoo With a Vengance

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Hello everyone. As we've been doing for the past several weeks, it is time to conduct another experiment. First, I'm randomly selecting a full team of ten cards (eight characters/non-basic actions with two basic actions). Then, by only swapping four cards, we are attempting to turn the Dice Masters equivalent of the Bad News Bears into the Dice Masters equivalent of the 1990s Dallas Cowboys (or, at least, the 90s Buffalo Bills). To guide our build, we will select a rule that will limit what we can choose to swap in. Hopefully, this exercise will let us think a little differently about the process we use when constructing teams.

Using the lovely and highly functional team building/reference site, I have randomly selected today's team:;3x25jl

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Those certainly are... 10 cards that are on this team. I think it'll all depend on the rule that is selected for us.

To select the rule, I hired (at great expense) a think tank staffed by some of the greatest minds in modern mathematics. This department was headed by Benoit Mandelbrot, who developed a set that defined intricate and never-ending fractal values. I gave him the variables that were needed for this experiment, and he and his team set to work. A week later, I drove to the cabin where they were secluded (as distractions are death for a highly paid team of mathematicians). When I arrived, I discovered that they had accidentally unearthed the Necronomicon ex Mortis, more commonly referred to as the Book of the Dead. I won't bore you with the details, but eventually I recovered a journal that had one phrase written thousands of times in every language spanning human history. The phrase was: "Only OP Prize Cards Can Be Swapped In".

For clarification, we are only going to use ORIGINAL OP Prize cards. Alternate Art cards will not count for our purposes.

Let's take a quick look to see what we might be able to keep as the "bones" of this team. I really like Batman and, even though this one is overpriced by 1 energy, we get a very nice discount on Basic Actions. Marshmallon is actually a nice card here as well, due to its inexpensive purchase cost. Anger Issues can be a very nice Basic Action for us, especially with Batman's ability to purchase it for only 1.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have several VERY expensive cards that don't really do too much for us. Cyclops has Overcrush Lite. Juggernaut has an ability that isn't really worth the price we will pay for it. Mysterio ALSO wants us to sacrifice Sidekicks to trigger his while active ability. These high cost cards are virtually useless to us, as we don't appear to have much in the way of ramp to help us buy the big boys.

According to, there are only 42 character cards and 9 basic actions that will eligible to be swapped in for this team. We have our work cut out for us... but we do have options. I think I have a plan, so let's see what we can do.

My first swap will be Cyclops for Iron Fist - Immortal.
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If you cannot read the text due to the poor image quality, and don't know what this card does, here you go: "While Iron Fist is active, reduce damage from opposing character's abilities by 1. When Iron Fist is KO'd, you may move a die with purchase cost 5 or more from your Used Pile to your Prep Area". This is a pretty powerful card. It negates Wasp and Torch damage to the player, and it would possibly let us juggle a giant character from Used to Prep under the right conditions. Also, he only costs 2. We need a few of these lower cost characters if we hope to do some good here.

Taking a look at the team, I see that we don't have a lot of options as far as a target for the Iron Fist juggling act. Spider-Man fits the bill, but isn't quite beefy enough. That's why my second swap will be Mysterio for Green Dragon - Legendary Dragon.
(Try as I might, I couldn't find a good picture of this card. Here is the Reserve Pool Wiki link for it:

This is a great version of this powerful dragon. The breath weapon is a little lacking at 1, but I think the special ability (KO one of your Sidekicks once per turn to give the Green Dragon +2/+2) makes up for it. Now, instead of Sacrificing a Sidekick like Mysterio wanted us to do, we can simply KO it and gain a nice bonus for the Green Dragon. This will hopefully let us get a little bit more energy on the following roll, and maybe allow us to swing through with a giant lizard.

Next, we need to find a way to gain at least a little bit of ramp. My third swap will be Fatality for Robin - Teen Titans Team Leader.
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First, thematically, it makes sense to have Robin on this team with Batman. Second, and probably more importantly, that Global can give us our ramp. It's not the best way to ramp, but it is practically the only solution given our situation. As long as the cheaper characters hold out, we'll be able to ramp.

We have one pick left, and this one seems pretty straight forward. Our ability to put extra dice in our Prep Area is completely dependent on having cheap characters. My final swap will be Loki for Constantine - Trinity War.
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There are no reasons not to include him on our team. We need energy for our important Globals, life gain is good, and we need another cheap character to prime our ramp.

So, there we have it. All we need to do now is throw some dice down next to these cards.;3x117ygo

And, here is a picture of the completed team...
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Thanks to my friends Amanda and Mike, i was able to test our team against some real, live, flesh-and-blood opponents. They were both using an Avengers team, centered around Nick Fury - Patch and Hulk - Green Goliath. In the first game, my opponent thoughtfully provided some Professor X Global ramp. First turn, I purchased Constantine, and the second turn I purchased Iron Fist. I was able to use the ramp provided by PXG to purchase the Green Dragon on turn 3. From then, it was just a matter of time until I was able to take out the Avengers.

My opponent switched out Professor X and swapped in Kobolds for the second and third games we played. My opening strategy remained the same (purchase Iron Fist and Constantine as soon as possible), however without the added ramp the team was slowed substantially. Luckily, even with Hulk on the field, I was able to stay alive long enough to win, using Spider-Man to take care of a potential blocker and swinging in with Green Dragon.

In all three games, I noticed that I mostly purchased the OP cards that we swapped in. Each pick seemed to be good, and the Robin Ramp allowed me to roll at least 5 dice on most turns. Overall, it looks like this team is just one or two more swaps away from being a great, if a little hackneyed, team.

What do you think? What would you have done differently? Could I have gotten more bang for my buck with a different selection? Did I swap out a potential game winning card for something that didn't have the same impact? Most importantly, did you enjoy this experiment? Hopefully you did, and it got your team brewing juices flowing.

Thanks for reading!
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