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Theme Team 2: Legion of Doooooom!

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Welcome back everyone! Part two of theme team has arrived, this time coming from the depths of the swamp, in the lair of the most evil Legion of Doom. (cue Challenge of the Super Friends theme), Meanwhile, in the Lair of the Legion of Doom, blah blah blah. Anyway, this team, consisting only of characters with the Legion of Doom affiliation, is going to be more challenging to make work than the Sinister Six, as the sacrifice mechanic really helped out that team considerably.

If you're new here, in Theme Team, I try to make the most competitive team out of a certain affiliation, in this case, the Legion of Doom.

So let us begin to try to make this great team.

Lex Luthor:
This is a very challenging choice, as the upcoming OP event, Legion of Doom, a new variant of Lex is seen, and he is sadly rather disappointing. However, trying to make this team as thematic as possible, he is the version we shall choose.
(As there is no single picture of this card, here is the link to an image on Ebay)

For the genius alien, only 2 options really help us out in the type of team we are trying to build. The Uncommon and Rare both have to do with attacking/blocking manipulation, but the rare will be more valuable, because we want to guarantee that our villains are knocked out, to utilize Black Manta's ability.
Name:  Brainiac.jpg
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Black Manta:
All three versions are great, but because of the strong villain team, we will want the retaliation version, which is the uncommon.
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Black Manta.jpg 
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ID:	4355

Captain Cold:
To fit with the plan of blocker manipulation, we will go with the common, as the uncommon is nice, but isn't a guaranteed way to prevent blocking.
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Name:	Captain Cold.jpg 
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ID:	4356

For Scarecrow, because we are actually trying to have cards with the Legion of Doom Affiliation, we want to choose the OP card, Scarecrow: Legion of Doom:
(Again, no single picture, here is the link to the website):

Common is the obvious choice, as Uncommon and Rare only fit in very specific teams, and this card will add to our list of direct damage.
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cheetah.jpg 
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ID:	4357

Solomon Grundy:
No valuable choices here. While the Rare made it on teams at World's, it only worked with the BEWD global, which, incidentally, would work very well on this team. But, unfortunately, since we can't have BEWD, we will choose the common, as it is the cheapest, and it will help us buy a Villainous Pact action dice if our opponent has lots of non-Villains.
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Solomon Grundy.jpg 
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ID:	4358

The final member of this Legion of Doom team, we must choose the Sinestro from the JL set, and not WOL, as only the JL one has the Legion of Doom affiliation. For this, we'll choose the common, to reduce the fielding costs of all our villains, and provide a buff for them if we need to. Either this or the Uncommon could work, but I chose the Common as the Uncommon requires our opponent to have no villains active.
Name:  Sinestro.jpg
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For our BAC's, we need a small ramp, which will be provided by Villainous Pact, as it also is a very thematic card that provides ramp.

Villainous Pact:
Name:  VillainousPact.jpg
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Also, to continue our fantastic blocking manipulation, we will use

Name:  Relentless.jpg
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The final team is:;3x31uxm

Turn 1, buy Black Manta and ramp, Turn 2, buy Sinestro. After this, buy Cheetahs, a Braniac, and Captain Cold, attacking with Cheetah's every turn and hopefully cause blocking manipulation, and use Black Manta's ability to deal solid damage to the opponent. Buy Lex, Scarecrow, and Grundy later in the game, as they are not that useful, but we need to buy them to follow our rule, which is to buy every character at least once. So the overall plan is just to kill off our characters with low defense, and then dealing Retaliation damage through Black Manta, and dealing more direct damage with Cheetah.

If you were to make this team better, without sticking completely with the theme, we could use Mr.Fantastic to force certain blockers, and Pandora's Box, or Lantern Ring, in order to give Mr. Fantastic the villain affiliation.

Now, since many people do not have access to OP cards, we could swap out this Scarecrow and Lex for their other versions.

Here, I would choose the Uncommon, as it will let us use our action dice again. Also, while the Rare is good, its ability is to costly and if you get it out too late, it's worthless.
Name:  Lex Luthor.jpg
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Because of the fact that the Common and Uncommon are only good against Lantern's, we'll choose the Rare even though we now have 2 Rares on our team.
Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Scarecrow.jpg 
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ID:	4363

Also, here is the second team, without OP cards.;3x31uxm

Thanks again for reading! Also, don't forget that in the next set, World's Finest, will probably have more Legion of Doom characters, so I'll update it then.

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  1. pk2317's Avatar
    Wouldn't Villainous Pact BAC be more thematic?
  2. Squid7201's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317
    Wouldn't Villainous Pact BAC be more thematic?
    Derp. I forgot about using Villainous Pact, and while Resurrection's ability is nice, I should try to go as thematic as possible. Thanks for the catch.
  3. Razorback's Avatar
    I love using Outsider BAC with any all villain team. Not Legion of Doom, but it is DC.

    I'd also look for a way to make my sidekicks the villain affiliation (either through Takedown or Monument to Evil). LoD Villains have pretty high defensive stats. Even rearranging blockers with Brainiac may not be enough to KO a villain and trigger Black Manta's retaliation. But, by making a sidekick a villain, you'd get a KO every time.

    Great job though! Love it. Keep 'em coming.