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Top Ten Cards to Think About When Planning for WizKids Open

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I know I am not the only person excited for the WizKids Open. When heading into competitive play, participants need to build decks that take into account a variety of powerful cards their opponents are likely to play. Here's my list of top 10 cards to either incorporate into your deck or have plans for dealing with them. The road to the finals could very well paved with these cards.

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1) Green Goblin - Gobby

Five cards from Dice Masters first collection, Avengers vs. X-Men, made this list, which speaks to the set's lasting appeal. Gobby's the only super rare card featured in this Top 10, and though I've moved on from playing him myself, I wouldn't feel comfortable playing a deck that could not negate his potentially devastating effect.

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2) Nick Fury - Patch

Controversial choice, perhaps, since this die rarely deals damage directly to opponents or their characters. Despite this "limitation," Patch lies at the heart of many finely assembled Avengers decks, and his effect can be quite punishing to absorb.

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3) Human Torch - Johnny Storm

One of the game's great whittlers. Park a Human Torch is the Field Zone early and you usually don't have to wait look to appreciate its effects. This card scares me like no other, mainly because I don't play with him. One of the main reasons I don't play with him is...

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4) Hulk - Green Goliath

The anti-Johnny Storm and so much more. I don't play with Hulk often either, though I appreciate any character that lives by the philosophy of "You hurt me or my master, and I'm going to put the hurt on all your cronies each time it happens." Ouch.

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5) Guy Gardner - Blinding Rage

If I ran this countdown last year, Black Widow's lethal Tsarina would have held this spot. Big Entrance helped prove that Guy Gardner is the new two-fist cost king. Guy and Miri Riam play particularly well together, and it's hard to find a duo that can generate such an early and ferocious attack.

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6) Vulcan - Adrian Toomes

This card can bring hurt like no other. Still, "Transfer Power" may be the two scariest words to players who field him. EDIT: Didn't see that new Vulcan errata before posting, so ignore this suggestion.
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7) Jinzo - Trap Destroyer

One of the most expensive rare Dice Masters cards for a reason. God I hate Jinzo's ugly mug and how it forced me to pursue collecting cards/dice from this mostly garish and aesthetically-devoid DM set, but nothing shuts down action dice and global ability usage quite like it.

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8) Millennium Puzzle - The Eternal Dungeon

Speaking of actions, one of the best is this flexible board remover that can often be difficult to counter.

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9) Lantern Ring - Limited Only by Imagination

Truly the perfect name for a card that can generate such a sudden and potent offensive surge. Beware low-cost bolt decks with this card in the mix.

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10) Storm - Goddess of the Plains

Though Wind Rider may be more vogue, this card costs less and can decimate defenses with one roll. Easily one of the most annoying cards to deal with since her ability does not target to trigger. This could potentially pad your opponent's prep area, so plan accordingly.

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Honorable Mention: Constantine - Hellblazer

Couldn't resist including one more card on this list. Hellblazer remains the game's most potent defensive card if judged by cost. Whatever deck you play, this card will slow you or your opponent down.

Who do you think I missed? Comment below.

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  1. bahamut7's Avatar
    Nicely done. I could name many more, but I feel you covered all the top 10 bases with this list. The most annoying card on this list for me is Hulk, but thankfully we have a few cheaper ways to deal with him now.
  2. Necromanticer's Avatar
    Patch, really?

    With combat damage so easy to build with both Guy and Vulture in the meta, what does Patch really offer you, especially with Mera and Distraction waiting in the eves to quash any big hitters like Patch Hulk?

    I know he used to be hot stuff back in the day when Avengers were on top, but now that they're giving way to more action based strategies, I don't think Patch is as big a deal anymore. Heck, I'd argue that WWII Veteran is a much better include, paired with Hawkeye - Avengers Disassembled and Tsarina and you have a very decent setup.

    Instead, you should be pointing to Iron Fist as a top 10 contender. He hard counters Human Torch and with backup like Human Paladin, completely negates Gobby and Lantern Ring while holding back Hulk and shutting off Vultures secondary ability. He's an incredibly versatile include that comes at a bargain price and with a solid role to play in any team.
  3. Jwannabe's Avatar
    I say delayed fireball is what you should be thinking about, And include uc Orin to counter it , rings, puzzles, rods, and Imprisoned.

    Great list. I have no qualms with any of the choices.
  4. Mactavius's Avatar
    I disagree that Iron Fist is an appropriate substitution for Patch because everyday players would find it hard to incorporate that card into their deck. I don't own the card, but I don't want to make it a "since I don't have it, it isn't any good" argument. I make the point because I collect Dice Masters cards, and I'm quite proud of the collection I amassed. With the exception of the new set that just came out today, I own all the sets in their entirety except for three super rares and a rare from Spiderman, the new D+D OP cards, the Black Manta trio of promo cards that just came out and Iron Fist (excluding all full art cards, which I have some put I don't actively purchase). I admit, I've been eager to get this card, but I just don't think it's a centerpiece card like the one's I included on my list. This isn't a "best card" list, rather one that players can consult to make sure their deck can compete some of the known bruisers in the game. It's noteworthy, but people can hardly expect to play against with great regularity at this time. If I read correctly, I should have the opportunity to pick one up at the regional tournament, so maybe I'll change my mind once I get a chance to play it.

    I knew some people would disagree with Patch. I only have the opportunity to play two quality players in my town, and one of them has a turn-three victory Patch build that I know that I would want to be able to counter should it be his deck of choice. You don't hate Patch until he's used effectively against you, which is why I felt he had to be included.
  5. The0retico's Avatar
    I am also surprised you choose Patch - ithink it is pretty unlikely it works well, since Mera is popular as it helps als oagainst Guy Rush and it is ruled so, that you cannot protect your beater pumped with Patch from her with Doomcaliber Knight: Fiendish Fighter.

    Also Vulture is surprising, since it was errated to be pumped only once per turn.
  6. Mactavius's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The0retico
    I am also surprised you choose Patch - ithink it is pretty unlikely it works well, since Mera is popular as it helps als oagainst Guy Rush and it is ruled so, that you cannot protect your beater pumped with Patch from her with Doomcaliber Knight: Fiendish Fighter.

    Also Vulture is surprising, since it was errated to be pumped only once per turn.
    I had a feeling people would complain about Patch. Chalk my decision to local bias as opposed to national trends.
    Good point about Vulture. I missed the errata, which definitely knocked this card of its pedestal.