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Theme Team 3: Justice League

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Well, we're back everybody! Theme Team Edition 3, featuring the Justice League! Featured only in the Justice League set, this affiliation provides many options for us to place on our team, not having to be forced to use 8 certain characters. So, our lineup will include the main core of the Justice League: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman. This leaves us with 2 remaining spots, which will be filled by the most useful of the remaining members, Martian Manhunter and Zatanna. The best win condition here is Retaliation, and so we will be picking characters who help use to utilize that ability. Surprisingly, despite having a set devoted to them, the JL affiliation is quite weak.

So lets get started!

The Man of Steel is really only good for one thing, being a battering ram. And if that battering ram can get some extra damage through Retaliation at a cheap cost, I'll take it!
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Retaliation seems to be the place to go with JL characters, and using the Caped Crusader's Retaliation card will also give us some valuable life gain, which will probably be needed.
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Wonder Woman:
As the Retaliation ability needs us to use lots of fielding, we must therefore provide a cheaper way to field our characters. Champion of Themyscira provides cheaper fielding, and is more thematic. It is also better than the common version, as sidekicks who take no damage are hardly Click image for larger version. 

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This Scarlet Speedster is our first character to have a super rare version, but since it will be hard to get unless you are an avid collector, and since our strategy relies on having many character's fielded, we will steer clear of this version. So, between the C and UC, we will choose the UC, as it is more reliable, and we can combo some great actions with it.
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Green Lantern:
Green Lantern is one of the better characters in this affiliation, who is actually usable in teams. While many people choose the UC, I prefer the rare, as it gives us another Retaliation and provides us with some sweet direct damage for the same cost.
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Aquaman is another valuable character, he is very cheap and has some of the best stats out of any characters. While we can get a nice buff with the UC, the C provides a very nice discount, and combining this with Wonder Woman is a great pairing.
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Martian Manhunter:
For the green martian himself, he has no synergy with any other members of JL, except perhaps Firestorm. So, we'll choose the most useful version in general, the C with overcrush which prevents our opponent from chump blocking.
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While many may think to choose the Zatanna with prepping a die when KO'ed, I think the better choice is actually when she is fielded, as we will need some extra ramp. Also, there is no way, using only JL cards, to guarantee our opponent not just letting her through.
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First, to be thematic, even though this action isn't the best, we'll choose Righteous Charge, because it looks pretty sweet.
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Next, so we can easily ping our Zatanna to death, we'll use Magic Missile!
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Final Team:;3x135bff

Turn 1, buy Aquaman, Turn 2, buy Zatanna. This will allow us to have some ramp, so we'll proceed to buy Wonder Woman and another Zatanna. Then, Batman and Green Lantern to give us more life gain and Retaliation. Next, Magic Missile and Flash, and late game we buy Superman and Martian Manhunter to finish them off. We attack with GL for some direct damage and ping Zatanna for some sweet Retaliation!

I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you next Friday with Spider Friends!
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